Monthly Archives: October 2009

Is Twitter Down?

Twitter has apparently been down since about 04:53:18 US Eastern Time, and it’s amazing how riled people can get about a FREE service being down. Check out the how frantic some of these guys are getting: Some people are calling their service providers to make sure that Twitter hasn’t...
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SEO Rapper?

Ok, so he doesn’t rap about writing, but he raps about SEO, which is, of course, related to SEO content and website writing. So, if you want to get your site ranking in search engines, check this out. It’s the SEO rapper, and he actually has some pretty good tips...
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How to Write 50,000 Words in 30 Days, Make New Friends, and Squash Writer’s Block

Image via Wikipedia Dust off your laptops, start doing some preliminary research, and clear your schedule for November: The beginning of next month marks the 10th anniversary of National Novel Writing Month. Here’s the deal. Anyone can participate (you just need to register on the NaNoWriMo site). Writing begins Novembers...
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