Monthly Archives: November 2010

Stop Brandjacking: Help with Online Brand and Identity Management

Part of protecting your brand, your business, and even your personal online reputation is making sure that others don’t claim your name or try to impersonate you.  So here’s a hint:  sign up your name, brand, and business on every social media site – even if you don’t use it,...
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Grammar-Fail Tiebreaker: The Votes are in!

Thanks to everyone who voted for a second-place winner. The votes are in, and we’d like to congratulate Charlotte P. for taking second place (and for scoring a $25 gift card)! Charlotte submitted this photo of a wearable grammar fail (“Free hugs for qualifed candidates”): So, this brings our...
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How to Write Web Copy that Sells Stuff and Engages People #4: 5 Copywriting Rules that Haven’t Changed

It’s our last installment of our blog series on web writing, and we’re ending it by revisiting classic copywriting rules that still apply to creating great online content. 1. Be concise. Snip unnecessary items. To quote the infamous Strunk and White: ”A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph...
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