Cool Stuff for Every Writer


Cool Stuff for Every Writer

There’s tons of cool stuff available for writers on the web these days – some of which you may not even know existed. Listed below are a few of my favorites to help you think, organize, create, manage, and most importantly, write.

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Photo by deglispiritiBuzzword: This is a free online word processor from Adobe. It runs just like any other word processor – just through a web processor. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can access your Buzzword documents. Cool features include a “share” button which allows you to share your document for edits with other buzzword users without having to email. Additionally, the same version of the document is available to all viewers no matter what edits are made – a definite plus for documents that go through multiple edits with multiple collaborators.

WriteWith: Just like its name says, this web application allows you to work on documents with others, in one functional program, without having to email. It was designed by two news editors who recognized the need for an efficient program to allow collaborative work and project management. WriteWith lets you upload documents directly to the site, assign tasks to other users, edit docs and see the changes immediately. It even keeps a history of all the edits you’ve made – just in case. This program is great for group projects and is extremely efficient.

Wrike: This project management software will send “to do” reminders to your whole team, create tasks from your email, and will create easy-to-read Gantt charts of project timelines. Also, different parts of the plan can be communicated to employees depending on their parts in the project. It’s a great way to keep your whole team on the same page while offering one, simple collaborative environment. One word – efficient.

Mozy: This program is awesome for copywriters, or any writer for that matter, who must save multiple drafts of multiple projects. The free version of Mozy lets you store up to 2GB of your docs online. This means, if your computer crashes, your office gets struck by lightning, or you simply want to make some room on your hard drive, your documents will always be safe and accessible online.

FreeMind: This is super cool mind mapping software that helps you brainstorm, map out your thoughts, keep track of projects and timelines, and lets you change fonts and colors. Basically, you can organize your thoughts any way you want. Sure, this is a good tool for creative writers, but it’s also great for other types of writers who lack organizational structure otherwise.

Posted by Cara  Posted on 20 May 
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    Posted by Cool Free Games on
    • Jul 18 2009
    Hey thanks a lot for the list of the applications and the review, quite helpful :) Will use these and hope that they will improve my efficiency, but it seems like an amazing collection of programs.... Ive only used Microsoft word so far =
    Posted by Excessive sweating on
    • Jul 20 2009
    From my point of view, WriteWith is the most useful application from the list. I have been using it for a while and am absolutely satisfied with the way it works.
    Posted by Grace on
    • Sep 20 2009
    Thanks for the Freemind recommendation. Ive been looking to do some mind mapping, and I hadn't found quite what I was looking for with regard to mind mapping apps. Great resource site overall...thanks GL
    Posted by Wintress on
    • Sep 20 2009
    Thanks Grace! Let us know if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see on the blog.
    Posted by Cathy @ 3 at 1 Copying on
    • Oct 16 2009
    Those are some fantastic bits of software, and for someone like me that is not a huge writer its enough to get me into thinking of becoming one, I like the mind mapping and I think that it will come in handing for other things too, thanks for sharing.:)
    We utilize wrike now and love it!
    Posted by thaddeus @ convert to pdf on
    • Nov 15 2009
    Thanks for the interesting post. I really like using WriteWith simply because its easy and I am used to it. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.
    Posted by Cellulean on
    • Dec 12 2009
    Thanks for the list! More importantly, thank you for the mindmap recommendation. I have been looking for one of these to help me keep organized!
    Posted by airbrush makeup on
    • Apr 29 2010
    I just checked out FreeMind after reading this article and it has really helped with my writing so far! Thanks for the heads up!
    Posted by makeup on
    • Jul 27 2010
    You do give an exact information for those who read your articles, this maybe one of those article that most writers have been waiting for. Great work you did here.
    Posted by excessive sweating lady on
    • Jan 19 2011
    For me the best tool for my writing is my mind. I'm not up to speed with all the new tools out there, this little article did make interesting reading and may be its time to take a look and see what else is out there that may enhance my writing experience
    Posted by Grammar on
    • Feb 21 2011
    Writing is simple but tricky. You need to get the attention of the reader's to read your article. Start with a great headline. Avoid using too much Exclamation marks and capital letters. tell a story that suit to the product you offer. Your experiences and expertise makes you a good writer.
    Posted by Content Writers on
    • Mar 24 2011
    I thought MS Word is the only word processor but after having seen Adobe BuzzWord, i feel i should start using it now.
    Posted by Glennda on
    • May 2 2011
    Oh really? I'm using MS Word, and I haven't seen Adobe BuzzWord.
    Posted by Vanity on
    • May 6 2011
    Seems to be cool tools. Will add more comments once I've actually tested.
    Posted by Italian Villa rentals on
    • May 9 2011
    Thanks so much for these tips, I have only tried MS word before now, I will be sure to try some of your recommendations!
    Posted by David on
    • May 23 2011
    After years of being stuck with MS word, I got to this. Thank you for sharing all these with us. Using any one of them will really call for lots of adjustments, but as you described them, they really are worth the try. Thanks again!
    Posted by SEO Glasgow on
    • May 30 2011
    All I've used is MS word up until now, I'm going to give these other programmes a shot. Thanks for sharing!
    Posted by Jeannie on
    • Jun 5 2011
    WriteWith sounds good and I have heard of FreeMind, but not used it yet. The rest I need to look into. Thanks for the information.
    Posted by Ron on
    • Jun 7 2011
    I use WriteWith Jeannie and if you haven't tried it you might want to take it for a test drive. We used Google docs but then based on a business recommendation switched to WriteWith and have never looked back.
    Posted by Damien on
    • Jun 8 2011
    Great post! I tried Wrike and it's just fabulous! Now I don't have to talk to my writers one bny one and just post their list of to-do's. It's convenient, not to mention very stable.
    Posted by Walter on
    • Jun 16 2011
    Thanks for sharing those tools, all of which were indeed unknown to me. Since I'm one of those who somehow lack organizational structure I will definitely look into the FreeMind mind mapping software.
    Posted by Annette on
    • Jun 23 2011
    These look good. Especially WriteWith and Wrike. I tried to print your article out, but could not get it to print right. Don't know if that is on your end or something with my computer.
    Posted by xoeve on
    • Oct 27 2011
    WriteWith sounds good and I have heard of FreeMind, but not used it yet. The rest I need to look into. Thanks for the information.
    Posted by exgf on
    • Oct 27 2011
    I use WriteWith Jeannie and if you haven’t tried it you might want to take it for a test drive. We used Google docs but then based on a business recommendation switched to WriteWith and have never looked back.
    Posted by SRmanuals on
    • Apr 3 2012
    I will be using your service soon.

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