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Test Your Grammar Knowledge

Can you spot the 10 errors in the paragraph below?   Click here to view the answers!
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Getting Your Book on the Shelf

It’s the critical question all would-be authors keep asking: How do I get my book published? Dino Price has been the managing director of John M. Hardy Publishing in Houston for three years, but his background is in business development and marketing strategies. That combination of experiences makes him a very useful resource for up-and-coming
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Grammar-fail Contest Entry from Charlotte P.

Charlotte says: “This is a sweepstakes from a huge, professional company, yet, on one of their sweepstakes forms, they could not spell ‘September’ correctly. And what amazes me is this sweepstakes has been running for a while and they have not corrected it.” Thanks, Charlotte! (NOTE:  the fail is sort of hard to see.  It’s
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Logical Linking in Writing

One of my new pet peeves is prepositional phrases that don't actually logically link to the rest of the sentence.
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