Grammar-Fail Photo from Kevin


Grammar-Fail Photo from Kevin

Thanks to Kevin Tumlinson for finding another great grammar fail.  Check out this notice from a hotel parking lot:

Posted by Stephanie  Posted on 04 Oct 
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    Posted by Rufus Landaverde on
    • Sep 10 2011
    I love grammar mistakes. Suggested reading:"The Great Typo Hunt". A hilarious story about two guys who traveled across the US correcting typos on signs. For anyone ever accused of being the"grammar police", it's a must-read.
    Posted by Lily Rose on
    • Nov 29 2011
    I love it! Sometimes, I can feel my fingers itch because I'd love to correct somebody, but I know that it will change the course of discussion. Hello, my name is Lily, and I am a grammar addict!

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