How to Gain Credibility on the Web


How to Gain Credibility on the Web

Our economy is changing – we buy things now from people we never have met (and never will meet). Websites like eBay and Amazon use a customer rating system to add credibility to sellers, but independent websites don’t offer the same peace of mind to visitors. So, how can you inject some credibility into your website to help differentiate you from the phoneys? A few tried-and-true methods can help put your future clients at ease:

• A “Testimonials” page with quotes from past clients. If you don’t have any testimonials, start asking for them now.
Case studies, including any real statistics or real results (i.e. don’t round “103 clients” to “over 100 clients” or “47%” to “about 50%).
• Lists of previous clients and projects.
Facts about your reputation and stability (including the number of years in business, number of employees, and the size of your operations).
Photos of real company employees (no stock photography, please!).

Posted by Michelle  Posted on 23 May 
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    Posted by Linda on
    • Jun 30 2011
    It is important to establish an honest relationship with your clients even though you never get the chance of knowing them or meeting them personally. Honesty is one tool for a successful on-line business.

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