Interview: Answering Your Questions About Thought Leadership


Interview: Answering Your Questions About Thought Leadership

“Thought Leadership” is a hot topic among marketing departments looking for content and companies looking to make a name for themselves within their industry. But what is it and how do you do it? In this interview on The Price of Business, Wintress Odom, editor-in-chief of The Writers For Hire, answers the basics about who should engage in thought leadership and why, what kinds of topics are best for creating thought leadership content, and how to actually build a thought leadership campaign.

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Posted by Kathy  Posted on 09 Sep 
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    Posted by Danny Kems on
    • Sep 9 2016
    I have known Wintress and her very accomplished staff for more than ten years, and to make sure I am not remiss I want to be very clear, accurate, and precise with the information I am about to convey. Wintress is highly knowledgeable in multiple domains with a broad and deeply focused writing acumen. The combined acumen of the team has so much expertise that it is just totally mindboggling. Wintress and her staff have always done an excellent job in conveying the options that I had and gave a very clear upside and the downside to the those options. Their strategic analysis was always down to earth and realistic plus I did not have to spend very much time educating them on my business. I have to admit the group is inveterately honest. Their genuinely authentic authority is clearly second nature to them. It is so refreshing to have a group of blazingly intelligent experts to work with its almost unheard of these days. I find their expertise, and trustworthiness to be some of the industry’s highest, which results in a high credibility rating in my book. I would definitely recommend Wintress and her excellent staff at The Writers For Hire Inc. to anyone who wishes to have only the best. Keep up the great work. Danny Kems
      Posted by Kathy on
      • Oct 26 2016
      Thank you, Danny!

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