Is Twitter Down?


Is Twitter Down?

Twitter has apparently been down since about 04:53:18 US Eastern Time, and it’s amazing how riled people can get about a FREE service being down.

Check out the how frantic some of these guys are getting: Some people are calling their service providers to make sure that Twitter hasn’t been inadvertently blocked! Hey, I love Twitter, but I’m not ready to deal with an hour on tech support with my Internet provider, until I’m sure it’s not a Twitter problem first.

In any case, if anyone still thinks that Twitter can be ignored, I’d think again.

The search term “is twitter down” has rocketed to the 21st most popular google search in last few hours.

So, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you may want to come see what all the fuss is about. Follow us at @writers4hire. I’m not as big a junkie as some, but I do have to admit, it’s kind of a bummer twitter is down. :-(


Update: Twitter is back up! But not before “twitter down” made it to #17 on the most searched for topics on Google. Wowsers…


Posted by Wintress  Posted on 18 Oct 
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    Posted by Roschelle on
    • Oct 18 2009
    The black out affected my entire blog template which is full of all kinds of Twitter friendly hacks. It was so frustrating
    Posted by Wintress on
    • Oct 19 2009
    Hi Roschelle, Thanks for commenting! Please post a link to your blog. I'd love to check it out and I'm really curious about the "twitter friendly hacks" you're referring to. Wintress
    Posted by Vin on
    • Dec 18 2009
    Hah! And I thought our Great IT Helpdesk here at Siemens is playing with us again.

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