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56 Google Search Tricks for Students

This article is courtesy of A great list of tips for anyone who does research online. Google has been around for ages, and if you’re just starting college, you’ve probably used the search engine for most of your academic life. But there’s more to the powerful search tool than just typing in keywords. Here
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AP Style FAQs: Part 1

Does “city-wide” need a hyphen? If you’re writing about a sculpture, should you italicize the title, or put it in quotation marks? The truth is, there’s no right answer. In most cases, style choices like this can vary from client to client. But what do you do when your client has no clear preference? Or
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Why Copywriters and Journalists Just Can’t Get Along

Versatile writers are hard to find. For a long time I was surprised when I’d get great journalism samples from a writer, but the minute I put them on a copywriting project, it was a total flop – and vice versa. But I’ve finally discovered the disconnect: the real reason that some writers have such
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