Killer Headlines, a History Lesson, and a Slide Show that Won’t Put You to Sleep (Promise!)


Killer Headlines, a History Lesson, and a Slide Show that Won’t Put You to Sleep (Promise!)

So, I was cruising for creative inspiration yesterday and I stumbled on this cool post about headlines on ToddAnd’s marketing blog. I’ve seen about a zillion blogs and articles about writing great headlines, and they all start to look alike after a while – but this post deserves a look.

Admittedly, I usually don’t like slideshows – they make me think of those awful, hours-long PowerPoint presentations you find at big conferences and staff development sessions (yawn). But this one’s different. Classic moments in headline writing
Photo by Garrettc
Instead of your typical bulleted list of headline-writing do’s and don’ts, this post uses a blend of visuals, humor, and common-sense copywriting tips to make the lesson hit home – especially if you’re a visual learner. And, if you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy seeing the progression of headline writing from the early days of newspapers to Web 2.0.

It’s a fun way to brush up on your headline-writing skills.

Got any other tips for writing catchy headlines? We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Posted by Stephanie  Posted on 08 Jun 
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    Posted by Brian Kopp on
    • Sep 8 2009
    I don't have any helpful tips but my friend might. I enjoyed reading this.
    Posted by Steph Daily on
    • Sep 10 2009
    Creativity is usually something that one is born with, but anyone can write a catchy headline. You just need to think of who your target audience is going to beand then ask yourself, what would they think would be interresting? What would draw them in.
    Posted by Paul on
    • Sep 11 2009
    I have bookmarked this blog. Thanks so much.
    Posted by Wintress on
    • Sep 11 2009
    Hi Steph, Thanks for the comment! Interesting thought. Certainly, I think that sometimes copywriters get so wrapped up in trying to predict how their audience will react to their headlines that they analyze and second guess the copy to death. Then, some guy at a cocktail party comes up with winning line over a martini and a couple of jokes – and he wasn’t even trying. So do you really think that headline writing could be as easy as creativity + common sense? And that all the copywriter’s training is just bogging him down?

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