Catalog copy can be tricky: Space is limited, and there’s no room for fluff.

A good copywriter can write a description of your product in 50 words or less. A great copywriter can highlight your product’s benefits, write a catchy headline, and – most importantly – drive your customers to action in 50 words or less.

Our team of on-call copywriters will work hand-in-hand with your print and design team to create a killer catalog. And, we have experience writing copy for a wide range of industries – whether you’re selling farm equipment or pharmaceutical supplies, couture or camping gear, your copy will reach your target audience.

Our catalog copywriting services include:

  • 100% custom copy
  • Complete research into your products, your target audience, and your industry
  • Full proofreading and editing services
  • Coordination with print and design team for turnkey process

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January 26, 2011