Ghostwriting Highlights

Ghostwriting Highlights

The Writers For Hire harnesses a unique team approach to manuscripts that combines the power of a senior editor with the efficiency of a lead project writer.  Sample ghostwriting projects are listed below.

Current.  A Son’s Biography

A father tells the story of his son’s life with cystic fibrosis in the 1980s.  Involved multiple interviews with family members and friends, as well as investigative research to uncover story material from over 20 years ago.  Helped organize and categorize six legal-sized boxes of printed material — newspaper clippings, diaries, medical records, etc.  Wrote the son’s life story from interviews and printed references.

Current.  Investment Advice for Private Equity Fund Managers
Helps business school graduates take the first steps in telling a good deal from a bad deal.  Employed by a highly regarded, well-recognized financial investor and businessman to capture his business experiences and share them with the next generation of investors.  Involved writing the book from scratch and drawing from dozens of interviews with the author.

April 2012.  A Boxer’s Family Drama
Fictionalized account of a true story, written from over a hundred hours of interviews.  Story details the life of a boxer in the 1980s — his rise to fame, key losses, and eventual downfall into homelessness.  Gathered material from personal, family, and friend interviews. Wrote book from scratch.

August 2011.  A Friend’s Memorial

Fictionalized account of a true story, written in honor of a friend.  The dramatic tale of a young girl orphaned at birth, who rediscovers her past in a box of old letters hidden in the attic.  Edited and rewrote author’s original story.

November 2011.  Fictional Drama

A child grows up too fast when her father dies and leaves her with a severely ADHD mother.  Edited and rewrote author’s original story before publication.

December 2011.  Medical Textbook
A technical, medical textbook compiled by 18 of the most well-known practitioners of message therapy and rolfing. Worked closely with each of the doctors to write, edit, and rewrite their chapters, per their individual requirements. Necessitated multiple approval and proofreading rounds.

September 2010.  Niche Coffee Table Book
Chronicles the heartwarming tales of a German flower girl through short stories and photos of the author’s historic Patti Playpal doll collection.  Edited and rewrote author’s short story collection before publication.

February 2010.  True-Crime Non-Fiction Novel

Tells the gripping tale of a prominent family that was held psychological hostage by a financial scam artist and sexual predator.  Created entirely from over 20,000 pages of court transcripts.  Story involved hundreds of hours of research and organization of court material, as well as interviews with our client, the defendant’s attorney.  200 pages.  TWFH employed to complete all research and writing of this manuscript, as well as explore publishing options.

February 2010.  Hitler Youth Life Story

The true stories of a beloved German grandmother, including her memories of WWII and her involvement with the Hitler Youth program.  150 pages.  TWFH conducted several multi-day sit-down interviews with the family, compiled all interviews into a story format, and contracted a printer to produce a leather-bound family heirloom.

January 2010.  Children’s Books (Original and Sequel)
Being the runt of the liter never stopped this little guy.  Readers join our friendly puppy on dozens of fun adventures and misadventures.  Edited and rewrote the author’s original stories.

December 2009.  A Father’s Legacy

A father’s manifesto to his children, including advice on religion, business, politics, philosophy, and life truisms.  Truly a unique manuscript, this book was written as a trilogy:  Part I – a fictionalized philosophical story; Part II – a step-by-step business book; Part III – funny personal anecdotes and life lessons.  200 pages.  TWFH commissioned to meet with the client for approximately ten full days, during which we conducted in-depth interviews.  TWFH also worked very closely with the client to mirror his unique personality and tone.

June 2009.  Comic Book Series

Currently completed: eighteen issues under six series titles.  All comics are Heavy-Metal-esque.  Genres include: fantasy, science fiction, mystery, horror, and historical fiction.  18 pages each.  TWFH brought on for plot and character development for overall series, as well as scripting dialogue and scenes for each issue.

June 2009.  True Romance Mystery

A woman finds true love on a Millionaires-only dating site, only to find that not only did her new fiancé fabricate his profile, but he is also a high-ranking member of the mafia.  True romance in a gorgeous old-fashioned Georgian setting.  225 pages.  TWFH employed to interview the couple, outline the book, and write several chapters.

April 2008.  Young Reader’s Adventure

Tells the story of an adventurous young man who travels the world stealing manhole covers. 200 pages.  TWFH commissioned to provide a chapter-by-chapter fiction consulting package with the manuscript, which included walking the client through: plot development, character development, editing and word choice, outlining and planning, and overall story arch.

April 2008.  Account Development How-To.

Helps salespersons and companies to establish one-on-one meaningful relationships with clientele.  Topics covered include the need for teamwork in account development, the power of networking, how to listen to what clients really want, and the value of the unsolicited proposal.  200 pages.  TWFH employed to turnkey the book creation process:  from full research and manuscript completion to organizing all typesetting, printing, design, and publishing teams.  Project also included over two dozen interviews.

August 2007.  B2B Textbook on Hedge Funds.

Expounds upon the history and current state of hedge funds, especially as related to institutional investors.  300 pages.  TWFH employed to research, write, organize, edit, and proofread the manuscript – all within a demanding three-month timeline.  TWFH also charged with procuring and managing the publishing, printing, and design teams for the project.  Project scope included massive research into a highly technical subject, multiple interviews with content experts, and streamlined collaboration with a corporate team. 

April 2007.  Co-Autobiography of Two Jamaican Immigrants.

Portrays the harrowing lives of two Jamaican women as they struggle to find a balance between liberation from their culture and the true beauty of their heritage.  300 pages.  TWFH hired in a consulting capacity to edit, proofread, and organize the story’s structural elements.

March 2007.  Biography of Nigerian President.

Depicts one man’s struggle to bring Nigeria into the twentieth century.  250 pages. TWFH contracted to organize and outline the manuscript.

August 2006.  Women’s Help Book.

Gives down-to-earth advice to women who have self esteem issues, have suffered abuse, or have a history of bad relationships.  225 pages.  Appeared on ABC’s The View May 2007.  TWFH employed to research, write, edit, and proofread the book.  Included layout of multiple client-supplied graphics.     

July 2006.  Children’s Educational Stories.

Helps prepare children for standardized reading tests.  TWFH contracted to write a series of fictional stories at first grade reading level.  Project included testing copy against first grade reading standards.

October 2005.  White-Collar Scandal Non-Fiction Novel.

Reveals the never-before-told story of one of the largest corporate scandals in American history.  Told from an insider’s perspective.  225 pages.  TWFH employed to research, write, edit, and proofread the book.  Project included over two dozen journalistic interviews and hundreds of hours of background research.  TWFH also conducted in-depth analysis of competing material to develop an approach suitable to the genre, yet different enough to maintain tension/interest.

April 2005.  Business Ethics Manuscript.

Instructs managers and employees how to maintain open, honest business relationships, even during morally controversial situations.  TWFH hired to help organize the manuscript, consult on overall structure, and write, edit, and proofread core chapters, around which the rest of the book was built.                               

November 2004.  Financial Planning How-To.

Gives step-by-step advice in layman’s terms to help the “Average Joe” make sound financial decisions.  200 pages.  TWFH hired to research, write, edit, and proofread the manuscript.  Included in-depth research on complex financial topics and paring down thousands of pages of background information into concise, easy-to-understand copy.

November 2003.  True Story of Crime-Fighting Pig.

Tells the real-life tale of an unusually smart pig that saved his owner’s life.  Pig featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, USA Today, and CBC Radio.  Short Story.  25 pages.  TWFH contracted to research, write, edit, and proofread the manuscript.  Included interviews with the owner and consulting work regarding the story’s target audience and publication.

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