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When we think “social media marketing,” many people think Twitter and Facebook.  But social media marketing with The Writers For Hire is much more than simply posting frequent wall posts.  Social media marketing with The Writers For Hire encompasses all aspects of interactive content on the web – from reviews to Wikipedia, and ghostblogging to user-generated contests.

When the Writers For Hire designs and implements your social media campaigns, we not only manage your social media profiles, we create comprehensive Internet PR campaign.   If there’s a forum discussing your industry – you’re there.  If there’s a blogger talking about your product, you’re there too.  And if there’s not, we work to make sure you are there.

Our social media and Internet PR campaigns are designed to:

•Drive a high level of traffic to your company website
•Boost your ranking in search engine results and dovetail seamlessly with your SEO campaign
•Encourage former customers to become raving fans
•Keep in front of targeted prospects and current company leads
•Build loyalty and increase sales through direct interaction with clients

How it Works

Step 1: Research and Analysis

We start by outlining your specific goals: who you want to reach, what products or services you want to promote, and how you want your current and prospective clients to view you.  This step includes:

•Developing the right voice and personality for your media campaign
•Researching your target audience’s social media use
•Analyzing social media campaigns from direct competitors or companies offering similar products or services
•Reviewing your company’s existing marketing materials, including your website, advertisements, and promotional materials

Step 2: Design and Development
Once we’ve created a unique voice and personality for your company and identified your target market, we develop a customized social media plan.  Specifically, we:

•Choose the social media sites that best fit your company’s personality, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn
•Train your staff to help support you social media goals. (Many of our programs include subscriptions to Socialot – a small business contact management system designed to help you and your staff manage your contacts and engage them in social activity.)
•Design engaging and interactive sweepstakes, group deals, incentive programs, contests and polls
•Create ways to remain in constant contact with your market, posting in industry-specific forums, blogs, and online communities
•Craft customer loyalty campaigns, including positive review incentives and Constant Contact plans

Step 3: Plan Implementation and Management

Upon approval, we implement and manage our plans from Step 2. We do all the heavy lifting to create and manage content for your social media campaigns.

Or, if you’d rather do your social media marketing in-house, we’ll train your current staff specifically how to build and maintain your SMM campaign.

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