Corporate Sites

Build a content-rich site that meets the needs of shareholders, investors, employees, current clients and potential customers. The Writers For Hire organizes large amounts of company information, incorporates your company’s style guide and tone preferences, and creates vibrant, professional copy for your corporate website.

All of our website writers are experienced copywriters, trained in Jakob Nielson’s website usability and Robert Bly’s website-copywriting techniques.

Each of our website writers is also versed in working side-by-side with web designers and SEO experts to create a flowing information architecture.

Your corporation’s website content may need to perform some serious multitasking:

• drive direct sales
• educate your clients
• meet employee HR needs
• inspire call ins
• inform investors
• and survive through four levels of approval at your company before approval

We simplify the process of writing or rewriting your company’s website — whether you need to revamp 1,000 pages of core content or wordsmith your new division’s homepage. The Writers For Hire crafts easily navigable, brand-inspired content that:

  • enhances your company’s image
  • reflects your company’s vision
  • submits to website readability standards
  • follows current usability guidelines
  • is clear, concise and tone-appropriate

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