Successful PR Tactics


Successful PR Tactics

PR campaigns can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful ventures – and they’re the lifeblood for getting your company’s news story into the public eye.

We’ve previously posted a blog about how to write a press release, but where do you go from there? There are a couple of different strategies out there for cultivating a PR buzz both in print and online:

1. Releasing a press release

Releasing a press release is pretty easy now. There are a number of searchable databases available, such a PRWeb, PRLeap, ClickPress, etc – where you can upload your press release, sometimes for a small fee. Journalists and media members with access to these databases will be able to search databases for relevant information or story ideas. In some cases, these sites will also distribute your press release to journalists or send your release to industry-related sites or news hubs. It’s a good idea to upload your press releases to these sites so that your news is archived and available to the online community.

2. Targeting the Media

A really successful PR campaign will include directly contacting media sources. If you can, hire a PR firm. If not, check out Kristina Hill’s blog, Tips for Avoiding the PR Spam Zone. Cultivating a good working relationship with print and broadcast journalists – as well as any online journalists who work for relevant industry sites – is the best way to get your press release seen, and, mainly, your story told.

Good old fashioned etiquette and research go a long way in this business. Hill’s recommendations include:

1. Identifying the correct local or regional media contacts and paying close attention to their style of reporting
2. Finding out their preferred methods for pitching a story – maybe they only want emails, or maybe they want to be pitched on the phone, afternoons only.
3. After identifying local and regional media contacts, broaden your range to include national, international, blog, and online contacts.
4. Reviewing, updating, and double-checking your lists regularly – the easiest way to the trash bin is to send your press release to the wrong person or a deleted email address.

For more best-practice media relations tips, check out the Media Relations blog with suggestions straight from the horse’s mouth: journalists themselves.

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