Ten Words to Learn How to Spell in 2010


Ten Words to Learn How to Spell in 2010

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Make any resolutions this year? I’m going to propose you make one more: Polish your emails. Write flawless notes. Look smarter.

Check out this hilarious cartoon on The Oatmeal’s site, Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling. It outlines some of the most commonly misspelled words (and yes, even the best of us make these mistakes sometimes) in a fun, entertaining way. Study it. Commit these words to memory.

If I could add just one more word pair to this list, it would be here/hear.
I see this one all the time (Hi, dad!), and like most homophones, it’s really a very silly mistake, since the words are not similar in any way:

Hear: verb, having to do with sound, listening, and using your ears. Ex: Do you hear that noise?
Here: adverb, noun, or adjective, having to do with place (both real and abstract); it is the opposite of “there.” Ex: Come over here and then we’ll go to lunch.

Do you have any spelling or usage pet peeves that didn’t make the list? Let us know … and here’s to a happy, error-free 2010!

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