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The Metropolis Model: How to Use the Sharing Economy to Create Standout Thought Leadership Content

“It’s easy to admire a thought leader; it’s much harder to become one.” —Adam Grant, Wharton professor and author of Give and Take Content creation in the sharing economy The sharing economy continues to transform nearly every sector of the global economy.  A recent McKinsey report projects that sharing economy revenues will reach $335 billion
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Stop Brandjacking: Help with Online Brand & Identity Management

Part of protecting your brand, your business, and even your personal online reputation is making sure that others don’t claim your name or try to impersonate you.  So here’s a hint:  sign up your name, brand, and business on every social media site – even if you don’t use it, even if you don’t have
  • Posted by Michelle  Posted on 22 Nov  5 Comments
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5 Copywriting Rules that Haven’t Changed

How to Write Web Copy that Sells Stuff and Engages People #4: 5 Copywriting Rules that Haven’t Changed It’s our last installment of our blog series on web writing, and we’re ending it by revisiting classic copywriting rules that still apply to creating great online content. 1. Be concise. Snip unnecessary items. To quote the
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How to Write Web Copy that Sells Stuff and Engages People #2: 5 Online Personalities You Have to Accommodate in Web Writing

Good copywriters know that there are lots of different online visitors, each with unique reading and learning styles.  In order to connect with the greatest number of visitors, your website should give your readers the information they need in the way they want it. Below is a brief profile of the 5 online personalities, with
  • Posted by Michelle  Posted on 13 Sep  1 Comments
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Are You Writing for You or Writing for Them?

Image by Vanessa Pike-Russell via Flickr A Tip on How to Balance Good Writing with Good Customer Service I had spiders in my garage. Lots of them. Probably hundreds, to be honest. But they were just in my garage – they hadn’t infiltrated my home. Yet. In fact, I hadn’t seen a single spider in
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  • Posted by Wintress  Posted on 25 May  1 Comments
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The Money Question: Should You Include Prices in Your Marketing Materials?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Should businesses include prices on their marketing materials, landing pages, websites, etc? One school of thought says no – get customers in the door with free offers or discounted pricing, then, once they understand the value of the product or service, hit them up with the prices. That theory
  • Posted by Wintress  Posted on 12 Mar  12 Comments
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Is Twitter Down?

Twitter has apparently been down since about 04:53:18 US Eastern Time, and it’s amazing how riled people can get about a FREE service being down. Check out the how frantic some of these guys are getting: Some people are calling their service providers to make sure that Twitter hasn’t been inadvertently blocked! Hey, I
  • social media marketing, Social network, Twitter, twitter down
  • Posted by Wintress  Posted on 18 Oct  3 Comments
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SEO Rapper?

Ok, so he doesn’t rap about writing, but he raps about SEO, which is, of course, related to SEO content and website writing. So, if you want to get your site ranking in search engines, check this out. It’s the SEO rapper, and he actually has some pretty good tips on SEO coding.
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Why Ghost Blogging For Your Company Is Needed, and Ethical.

I’ve been reading some great posts by Jason Falls and Mark Schaefer on ghost blogging, so I thought I’d throw in my two cents. Is it OK to hire a ghostwriter for your blog? My answer is a resounding “Yes!” Maybe. That is, under certain conditions. And here’s what I think those conditions are: The
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  • Posted by Wintress  Posted on 21 Aug  3 Comments
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16 More Ways to Build Your Web Credibility

This week, I have to send a big thank-you to one of our awesome clients, Dan K. After reading our earlier blog post about building web credibility, Dan did a little research on his own and sent us some really cool information about The Stanford Web Credibility Project. This project is studying the components of
  • Blog, E-mail address, Privacy policy, Stanford Web Credibility Project, web, Website
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