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26 Apr 2017


You have several different subject matter experts providing content, and all of them have their own “voice.” You have multiple written deliverables, and none of them look or read the same. You spend way too much time training new employees – and monitoring your veterans – on the intricacies of your corporate communications policies. You […]

26 Apr 2017


You have been searching for the right additions to your team for months. You’re offering great jobs with plenty of opportunities. You have compared your total compensation package with industry norms, and yours are competitive. But you/’re just not getting the right talent to walk through your door. Maybe it’s time to try something new. […]

26 Apr 2017


Your organization prides itself on transparency. Your executives understand that central knowledge creates unity. But lately, employees have been grumbling: they don’t feel they get all the information from the top, and they’re starting to worry. Your corporate intranet started out as a robust repository where all employees could find out about company events and […]

26 Apr 2017


Have you discovered inefficiencies in communication to new employees, costing your HR department thousands of hours of lost work time? Are you revamping the benefits section of your website to ensure your workforce knows what their options are, how to register for them, and who to talk to? Do you need to ensure material is […]

26 Apr 2017


Employee Training, Workflow Procedures and Manuals Are you looking to streamline your employee orientation materials? Have you recently merged with another company, and you need to consolidate operating procedures? Do you need to develop a welcome packet for new franchise owners? Do your dated corporate manuals need a refresher? We’ll take all your information and […]

26 Apr 2017


Communicating clearly with your employees and employees in training can be a challenge, especially during a time of corporate change. The Writers For Hire can help HR, corporate, and marcom with complex (and often sensitive) internal communications projects. Below are just a few such projects we’ve tackled recently: We have the talent, the tools, and […]