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10 May 2017


Writing an annual report can be a daunting task. Wading through background information. Conducting interviews with busy executives. Trying to get inside the president’s head so you can draft his letter. Organizing content into a single, focused message. And when you do all that just once a year, the pressure can seem overwhelming. The good […]

10 May 2017


You’ve got the cause. Maybe it’s promoting pipeline safety. Or helping to overturn outdated legislation. Or convincing the public that a product’s bad rap is undeserved. And you know the steps. Building public awareness and shaping public opinion means educating your key audiences, changing attitudes, winning approval, and influencing behavior. The only problem? You don’t […]

10 May 2017


You know who’s best at writing press releases that will actually get picked up and used? Writers with direct experience in print, broadcast, and digital media- like the press release team at The Writers For Hire. How Does This Benefit You? Well, how about this: You won’t have to spend endless hours prepping the wrong […]

10 May 2017


It’s almost universally agreed: the biggest challenge of writing for executives is getting inside their heads. So that speech, shareholder letter, or employee announcement sounds like them and says what they want it to (only better, right?) Fortunately, with backgrounds in journalism and journalism education, The Writers For Hire team applies almost surgical precision when […]

10 May 2017


Thanks to the power of the internet, a local event can become international news in minutes. And when that event is something that can threaten operations or reputations, you need to implement a strategic, speedy response across traditional and new media. But what if you’re short-handed, with simply not enough staff dedicated to handling the […]

26 Apr 2017


You have way too much to write, but you don’t have time to train someone new. You need a standby writer who catches on fast, produces work you barely have to edit, and who works with minimal guidance. It’s that time again. Time for change. You’re dealing with a merge, an acquisition, a downturn, or […]

08 Dec 2016


Thought leadership has helped super-majors, like Shell Oil, refashion their image from producer to high-tech energy solutions guru, and it enabled DrillingInfo to shed the “data company” label and be seen as an industry intelligence leader. Saudi Aramco sponsors an annual global thought leadership forum; news source PennEnergy has launched a Global Thought Leaders Series […]