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15 May 2017


The professional editors at The Writers For Hire will eliminate grammatical errors and other obstacles for your readers, as well as suggest ways to improve the clarity, flow, and organization of your writing. But more importantly, we make sure that your message comes across loud and clear. When you’re recounting an event of personal significance […]

15 May 2017


A family history book is a unique, highly personal project, and our clients come to us with a very specific set of goals and concerns. They want to work with a team of writers who will genuinely enjoy listening to them and getting to know their family – and they want to know that they’ll […]

15 May 2017


Picking the right service to write a book for you or a family member is a very personal decision, and it’s important that you pick the right solution for your family. You’ll be sharing your life stories and spending quite a bit of time with your writers, so it’s critical that you not only choose […]

15 May 2017


15 May 2017


Your daily blog posts are a week behind. You’ve got a magazine article deadline looming large, and you simply don’t know where to start. Your company’s marketing and communications department is drowning in deadlines, but short on time and people. You need a reliable writing team for a long-term project, like a website overhaul, a […]

15 May 2017


If you’re looking for a writing partner with a creative spark… a bit of whimsy… an unconventional outlook… you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you with any original composition, be it fiction or nonfiction. We apply our creativity to your story to ensure that your story gets told – in your voice, with […]

12 May 2017


“Nonfiction” is a broad category – and in our 15+ years providing ghostwriting services, we’ve written or consulted on nonfiction books for a wide variety of topics from finance and self-improvement to true crime, public policy, and business. When you work with us, that’s exactly what you get. You may be interested in: Our Process […]

10 May 2017


The Writers For Hire is an elite ghostwriting service firm that combines the one-on-one attention of a single freelancer with the professionalism and services you’d find at a big agency. When you choose The Writers For Hire, you’re getting more than a ghost writer – you’re getting a vetted team of professionals, ready to help […]