13 May 2017


From old-school radio ads to the evolving world of YouTube videos – and whatever comes next (probably being dreamed up right now by some 20-year-old wunderkind sitting in his boxers in his parents’ basement) – the mission is the same: create persuasive copy that connects, captivates, and includes a strong call to action. Don’t have […]

13 May 2017


With the rising use of smart devices, online video has become an essential instrument in the on-demand learning and development toolbox. But scripting a training or educational video on your own can be a lesson in frustration. Not sure you have the knowledge to tick off all those boxes? We do. Our writers know how […]

13 May 2017


A member of your team has been invited to attend a prestigious industry conference to deliver a 30-minute PowerPoint presentation about your company’s area of expertise. You need to get all of your employees trained on a new procedure or product, ASAP. You’ve got 10 minutes to convince a potential client or investor that your […]

13 May 2017


Whether you’re in charge of developing a video for your company’s annual meeting or YouTube channel, or you’ve been inspired to create a broadcast documentary or series, it can take time, energy, and a whole lot of effort to get your idea off the ground and produce a great script. But that’s not all. Because […]

10 May 2017


Whether you’re kicking off an awards ceremony, training your employees, or presenting your company’s products and services to a potential client or investor, our experienced writers and editors will work with you to create a clear, engaging, content-driven presentation that’s tailored to your event and audience. Check out a sampling of the multimedia projects we’ve […]