Web & Social

13 May 2017


Are you finding the “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” to be a little too difficult to edit? Let us help. Not all topics are suitable for Wikipedia articles. To figure out if your company, your book, your CEO, or any other topic is eligible, just start here: If you’re on the path to being […]

13 May 2017


The Writers For Hire understands that a good website needs much more than keywords. We employ a full-time SEO expert on staff, along with a team of highly qualified, versatile writers – a combination you won’t find almost anywhere else. That means we have the in-house resources needed to produce painstakingly researched, one-of-a-kind, thoroughly engaging, […]

13 May 2017


You know you want an engaging social campaign driven by quality content. But you’re not quite sure how to get to that place. And then there’s the challenge of finding the time to maintain your campaign – while customizing it for multiple platforms – and doing it effectively week after week. Managing social media is […]

13 May 2017


Few tools do more to convince people to take a chance on your company than customer reviews. They provide powerful, unbiased verification of your company’s strengths. But they’re also outside of your control. That means that, when life happens and a customer describes a negative experience, you need to respond promptly to prevent serious damage. […]

13 May 2017


Big, complex sites don’t scare us – in fact, we prefer them: Because we work in teams, we have no trouble making sure your project is covered and every moving part is under control. We also have a proprietary process and award-winning project management system that allows us to juggle massive amounts of content, while […]

10 May 2017


Engage with clients through Facebook and Twitter. Establish yourself as an industry expert through downloadables and sharable content like eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, press releases, podcasts, and YouTube videos. Whatever your goals, our writers will draw upon their experience in marketing, journalism, content marketing, and social media best practices to craft campaigns that resonate with […]