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Your staff is overloaded and don’t have time for this last-minute RFP. You think you’re mostly there, but you just need a second set of eyes.

You’re staring at a 100-page government RFP and you realize the only way you can make the deadline is by pulling four all-nighters in a row.

You may even be ahead of the game, gearing up to define key win strategies for the RFI phase.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? No matter where you are in the process, The Writers For Hire falls right into step with your team and works with you to complete your RFP on-time. And, perhaps more importantly, we get your RFP completed successfully: The vast majority of our RFPs clients are invited to the second round of interviews based on the strength of their initial proposals.

Government and Corporate Proposals

We are equally well-versed in both government and corporate proposals, and we have helped clients organize and write proposals for almost every major industry including:

Regardless of whether you are responding to a government RFP or a private proposal, we’ll help you ensure:

  • Your organization’s unique value proposition is clear and evident in every part of the proposal.
  • Your cover letter and executive summary clearly address what the buyer is looking for.
  • You have thoroughly – yet concisely – responded to all areas of the proposal.
  • By the end of the proposal, you have left your reader with no questions as to why they should choose your organization.

What Proposal Services Do We Provide?

Besides drastically reducing your in-house workload, we can fill multiple roles:

  • Project management (PM) – We can manage the entire RFP process, including drawing upon your in-house resources for the necessary information, writing and organizing the document, keeping track of deadlines for editorial approval for your team, and ensuring your RFP is turned in on time.
  • Strategic planning – Working with your team to refine your organization’s goals, technical strengths, and unique selling proposition (USP).
  • Quality Control – Reviewing all responses and documentation to ensure they fully and accurately meet proposal requirements and specifications.
  • Design – Basic or advanced layout and formatting capabilities for cover pages and RFP template, including custom graphics if necessary.
  • Editing and Review – Edits and rewrites to improve clarity, flow, and organization. Do you have several different subject-matter experts providing content? We will also ensure a common voice and style throughout the document.
  • Proofreading – Always completed by a previously uninvolved proofreading resource for squeaky-clean final copy.

Blue, Pink, and Red Reviews

If you are using a color-coded review schedule, our team of full-time writers can create, edit, and organize content from the blue (outline / planning) stage to the red team review (ensuring your value proposition is clear and all criteria are met).

The Writers For Hire Advantage

  • We can double or triple up on writing resources in order to make quick turnarounds.
  • We will choose the most efficient path – working to provide you with the best product, while saving you money. That’s why we start every RFP with a thorough review of all existing relevant materials, including your company’s existing marketing materials, financial reports, company history, and client lists. We determine what we can reuse, what we can edit, and what we need to rewrite.
  • You have the security of working with a familiar team of writers who know your company, your service offerings, and your value proposition. Your dedicated project manager and lead writer(s) will work with you every time you call us.

A Customized Process to Fit Your Unique Organization

No turnkey processes here! Your best-fit writing team will be fluid enough to fit into your organization – not a team that tries to make your organization fit to their processes. Our goal is always to work how you work best.

That being said, we have identified a few best practices that help ensure a streamlined, successful project:


  • Step 1: The Kickoff Meeting and Strategy. Before we do any writing, we schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss your project, define your goals, decide on takeaways for your executive summary and cover letters, and identify your subject-matter- experts (SMEs).
  • Step 2: Information Gathering: We will collect all data from the SMEs and help enforce their content submission deadlines.
  • Step 3: The Rough Draft. Once we’ve gathered all of the materials we need, we complete a rough draft of your RFP. At this point, we determine what information we have and what information may be missing.
  • Step 4: Back-and- Forth Editing. After we create a rough draft, we work with your team to fine-tune the copy, fill in missing facts and figures, create tables or graphs, and discuss formatting and style options.
  • Step 5: Final Proofing and Review. Once you’ve signed off on the final draft of your RFP, a previously uninvolved team member will complete a final proofreading job, and also double-check to see that all questions have been answered and any missing information has been filled in.

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A standard-size RFP for most new clients runs $2,000 to $10,000. Most additional RFPs run $1,000 to $5,000.

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You'll work with a great team of writers, with real-world experience. No newbies here, just check out our resumes. Equally important, you'll work with writers who understand -- really understand -- what it means to take care of our customers, make projects our own, and deliver on our promises.


Melanie and Brenda- I absolutely love what you all put together for the DISD RFP. I could not be more pleased. Know that you are appreciated and I would be happy to be a reference for anyone interested in using your company and talents.


RFP Client

Hi, Erin & Stacy. It looks so great, thank you! All of your edits are absolutely perfect - phenomenal! Thank you for the well wishes and I will definitely let you know the outcome. I know you both were hired to help with this RFP, but I thank you for all the work you put into it. I am very appreciative. Thanks, Mathew


Mathew, RFP Client

Erin & Stacy, I just reviewed the document from top to bottom and I love it! You both did a really great job - thank you! Some of the things you added were so beautifully crafted and you really got to the heart of what I would want to say. Thank you very much. Mathew


Mathew, RFP Client

Please approve 5 additional hours and let me know when that is nearing. While I have not seen any deliverables the questions and the thoroughness have been exceptional. I plan on bookmarking this company to use even for my smaller proposals. As I believe the more I communicate with you the easier all of this can be. Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and professionalism.


RFP Client

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