Why Choose The Writers For Hire?

There are plenty of writing companies to choose from, but none quite like ours.

The Writers For Hire was established in 2004 by Wintress Odom. After graduating cum laude from Rice University, Odom put up a website, figuring she could earn a little extra money doing something she loved (writing!). Before long, she was so busy that she had to choose between turning down work or bringing on other writers.  Never one for turning down work, her first hire made her what she likes to call an “accidental entrepreneur.”

Fast forward 15+ years, and The Writers For Hire has grown from a small, one-person, part-time endeavor, to a team of 25 highly qualified writers and editors who specialize in everything from technical manuscripts and corporate websites to ghostwriting and genealogical research.

Why Choose The Writers For Hire?

Sure, we’ve got the credentials. The great bios and impressive portfolios.

But we also have the extra ingredients that simply make us … better.

We’re thinkers, fact-gatherers, archive-archeologists, and, most of all, problem-solvers. Whether your task is thought leadership, marketing, knowledge transfer, change management, stakeholder education, storytelling, or imparting a personal life lesson, our team will help you plan and create content that moves the needle on your goals.

Big doesn’t scare us.  In fact, we thrive in massive projects that require multiple writers.  We understand how to optimize workflows, how to manage multiple moving parts, and how to set up the appropriate systems for any complex technical, ghostwriting, or copywriting job. 

Just as important as our skills and abilities, is our attitude.  We love our clients.  We love our work.  We’re part of your team, and we embrace the give and take of collaborative feedback.  We’re also nice.  And service oriented.  And honest.  And fun. 

Seriously.  What other writing team gives you all that?

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