Advertising & Marketing Copy

Your staff writers are frazzled juggling multiple assignments. Overwork is dampening both creativity and spirits, and your content projects are drowning.

You need some relief – a few talented writers who will integrate seamlessly and transparently into your group, help lighten the load, and keep your clients impressed and delighted with your original content.

If that sounds like you, The Writers For Hire is the answer.

Our writers have been at both desks – agency and corporate – so they can relate to your business and stresses. They know how to take direction and how to work effortlessly with your staff. They’ll make your priorities their own. And, best of all, they’ll turn out copy that meets goals and produces results, whether you need light-hearted broadcast ads or technically intense white papers.

Advertising and Marketing Copy

What makes The Writers For Hire so good at advertising and marketing copy?

Our writers bring insights from various industries, companies, people, and projects to their work. That enables them to write well-crafted, information-rich materials – print, broadcast, or digital. Each project is meticulously managed to ensure it meets your goals and deadlines.

Our team has written successful copy for clients in a variety of industries, including:

Your Copywriters

Your team will include:

  • A project manager who keeps your work moving forward with an eye toward budget and timeline.
  • Your lead writer, selected for experience with your business, product or service, and the type of advertising copy you need – print, broadcast, or digital.
  • An editor who provides quality checks at every step.

Are You An Agency In Need of Writers?

Turning down work because you just don’t have the staff to cover it is one of the most painful experiences for a marketing agency. Do you wish you could just “plug in” a few extra experienced writers?

Let us fill in the gap. We not only understand how to write, but how to work well with your team and – perhaps, most of all – how to work well with your clients.

Whether you need a writer for a few hours or a team of ten writers for a thousand-page content project, we’ll provide white label content to help you capture all the business, revenue, and profits you can.

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Why Choose The Writers For Hire?

You'll work with a great team of writers, with real-world experience. No newbies here, just check out our resumes. Equally important, you'll work with writers who understand -- really understand -- what it means to take care of our customers, make projects our own, and deliver on our promises.

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