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Great minds may produce great thoughts, but that doesn’t mean the people doing the thinking have the time, interest, or ability to translate those ideas into accessible content: white papers, case studies, scientific articles, blog posts, and the like.

Fortunately, our writers know how to make highly technical information accessible for broader audiences. We’ll work closely with your SMEs to develop materials that make your company the one people turn to when they need inspiration, innovation, and products they can trust.

What makes us so qualified?

We pair education with experience. Many of our writers have advanced degrees, so they understand how rigorous your SMEs’ world can be.

Many have more than 20 years’ experience — some even more than 30 — or have worked in media or communications management. That means they know how to collaborate effectively with all sorts of personalities, from various areas of expertise.

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A Veteran Team

Our team frequently assists with complex thought leadership projects. We know how to get the most from your SMEs without wasting their time. We understand how to optimize workflows, how to manage multiple moving parts, and how to set up the appropriate talent to make our team feel like a seamless extension of yours.
In addition:

  • We have significant experience in managing challenging content deliverables involving multiple stakeholders.
  • We understand the critical nature of deadlines, and we consider them non-negotiable.
  • We have the bandwidth to meet high-volume projects while maintaining high quality.

Most of the members of our team have been working together for at least five years; several of our writers have been with us for a decade. So, no matter how many people are working on your project — and there will always be at least one writer plus an editor and project manager — our team dynamic is streamlined. We follow our internal processes to the tee, collaborate effortlessly, and work together in unison.

Individual writers take responsibility of their deliverables; our project managers keep the team accountable for project goals and deadlines and provide you with regular update; editors polish copy and ensure it’s audience-ready; and the extended team stands ready to assist with specialized skillsets.


Our Work Product


We have extensive experience in thought leadership content projects, including web copy, blogs, whitepapers, case studies, trade editorial, and technical copywriting for far-ranging industries: oil and gas, engineering simulation software, industrial polymers, various medical fields, process engineering, pipeline solutions, and complex financial topics. Our ghostwritten editorial has been published in or aired on CNBC Africa, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Energy Capital & Power, World Pipelines, Pipeline Technology Journal, Pipeline and Gas Journal, Denver Post, and Energy Tech, to name a few. We’ve written speeches that have been delivered at conferences worldwide, including: Pittsburgh Economic Club, The Bakken Conference & Expo, China Unconventional Oil & Gas Summit, Platts Annual Appalachian Oil & Gas conference, Offshore Southeast Asia (OSEA) International Oil & Gas Industry Exhibition & Conference, OTC, PPIM, and the State Policy Network Annual Meeting.

And while the best measure of our success is how well the content we’ve developed has met your goals, industry recognition is nice, too. Our team has been awarded the AMA Houston Crystal Award for Social Responsibility for our #TalkCrude Campaign for Canary, LLC, and The Telly Awards Silver Award for our work with CHC Viking Sky Rescue.

The Right Tools

Inefficiencies waste your time. To avoid that, we’ve optimized internal processes with intelligent tools, including an award-winning project management system that helps us keep track of high-volume content projects. The system greatly reduces time spent on lost emails, progress updates, time reporting, and misplaced information. That means our teams can spend their time producing work – not filling gaps in communication.


Why Choose The Writers For Hire?

You'll work with a great team of writers, with real-world experience. No newbies here, just check out our resumes. Equally important, you'll work with writers who understand -- really understand -- what it means to take care of our customers, make projects our own, and deliver on our promises.

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