Recruiting Copywriting

You have been searching for the right additions to your team for months. You’re offering great jobs with plenty of opportunities. You have compared your total compensation package with industry norms, and yours are competitive. But you/’re just not getting the right talent to walk through your door.

Maybe it’s time to try something new.

Let’s face it: There are umpteen ways to look for job openings. Gone are the days of simply relying on dry newspaper want-ads with word count restrictions. Which means you can add personality and creativity to your recruitment strategy to encourage the right submissions – something that job searchers increasingly expect.

Recruiting Campaign Content

The Writers For Hire, Inc., can work with you to devise an entire recruiting campaign, whether your efforts need to focus on the attraction of new talent or have specific recruiting goals like pulling in talent with specific experience.

We help mid- to large-sized companies land much-needed talent by taking a look at the big picture and producing unique and targeted marketing collateral, including:

  • A unique campaign slogan and theme. Unify your efforts by establishing a graphic identity and description specific to the type of position(s) you’re looking to fill.
  • A specialized web site. Use a platform that targets the specific talent range you/’re seeking – and makes the application process as simple as possible.
  • Social media. Find the right type of recruit by understanding your target market and steering your efforts toward the social platform that they use most.
  • Games and quizzes. Add some fun to the job search process by asking candidates a trivia question, or weed out the unqualified from the get-go by including position-specific quizzes.
  • Videos. No one has a better perspective of the job than a happy current employee, so tap into the power of personal narrative with videos of staff describing a day on the job to show rather than tell.
  • Job fair campaigns. Be creative at job fairs: Rather than just handing out “Come work for us!” fliers, set up a mini-version of your office and conduct five-minute, on-the-spot “interviews” where the focus is for them to ask you questions.
  • Brochures. Make sure your print materials capture the interest of your target talent with a peek into your company, your culture, and your competitive edge – and don’t forget to include comments from a few of your actual employees.
  • eBrochures. Move beyond static print collateral into dynamic, interactive electronic brochures that draw in your prospects and contain multiple calls to action and immediate access to information.
  • Print ads. Our recruiting copy is ultimately an ad: You’re selling your company to prospective talent. Just like good advertising, you need major selling points that are clearly presented and a call to action that gets a response.
  • Want ads. Whether you post them online or publish them in the Sunday paper, use consistent search terms that are recognized as industry standards rather than jargon or company-specific titles, and state the exact job requirements in plain language that anyone outside your firm will understand.

In addition to your recruitment campaign, we also provide editorial assistance with a suite of internal communications programs that include:

Keep in mind that you/’re not just selling a position; you/’re selling your company to prospective employees. Adding the right details – whether it’s a full company profile or a brief description of your firm – is an important component in recruiting the right talent.

Many job hunters would rather know more about your company dynamics and their anticipated workspace than the compensation. When possible, use your recruiting campaign to showcase your company’s culture, from your products and services to your corporate history to your unique perks.

When you work with The Writers For Hire, you get a team of successful writers prepared to develop a long-term relationship with your organization. We get to know your company and what makes you successful. We keep your corporate culture and hiring goals in mind when developing the recruiting materials that win you the talent you need.

Regardless of the type of employee you are looking for, we’ll help you ensure:

  • You have thoroughly – yet concisely and honestly – defined the job.
  • You have presented your organization’s unique attributes.
  • Your reader is excited to apply for the position within your organization.
  • Your messaging is error-free and easy to read.

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