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Have you discovered inefficiencies in communication to new employees, costing your HR department thousands of hours of lost work time?

Are you revamping the benefits section of your website to ensure your workforce knows what their options are, how to register for them, and who to talk to?

Do you need to ensure material is written to a reading level accessible to all members of your extended team?

Do you feel that your employees aren’t always aware of the benefits offered them, or how much their employment package is worth, outside of salary?

One of our greatest strengths is overseeing content-heavy projects with multiple stakeholders, such as a corporate initiative to improve employee benefit communications.

Our team has worked with human resources departments at a range of Fortune 100, 500, and 1,000 companies, as well as boutique companies with a single local office, to enhance messaging to the entire workforce. We coordinate all stakeholders, prioritize tasks to meet deadlines, gather employee feedback on current communication strategies, and, of course, produce clear, concise benefits material, accessible to all.

Best of all, we establish a solid working relationship with you that lasts. When your initial project with us is complete, you have an on-call writing resource that is already integrated with your teams and familiar with your business units, style guides, and internal processes.

We are your team for the long haul. Consider us for your extended communications strategies in:

Compensation Is More Than A Paycheck

You want your employees to see you as an employer of choice: your people are the envy of their cohorts, your HR department receives unsolicited resumes from top talent, and your workers are loyal to your company throughout their careers. How can you earn this status? Start by showing them exactly how comprehensive their package is – in language that makes sense to them.

Your benefits package represents your dedication to your staff. But frankly, they often don’t see all the perks of their total compensation package. We help you write material that clearly lays out all the advantages of your employee benefits plan, so they can recognize all you offer, from salary to insurance options to paid time off to any other customized options.

With our breadth of experience writing employee benefits material, we understand key elements that will deliver your important HR message to your staff:

  • Organization: How to efficiently process large volumes of information and multiple stakeholders.
  • Salesmanship: How to present your benefits packages to show real value to your employees.
  • Simplicity: How to boil down all concepts to their simplest form.
  • Presentation: How to leverage tables, graphics, and graphs when a picture speaks louder than words.

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