Marketing & PR

Many of our longest standing relationships are with in-house marketing departments or external marketing agencies. Our clients know they can count on us to fall into step with their in-house teams to provide writing, editing, and creative brainstorming services to support a marketing campaign or product launch.

See what types of marketing and PR we’ve done.

Advertising & Marketing Copy

Your staff writers are frazzled juggling multiple assignments. Overwork is dampening both creativity and spirits, and your content projects are drowning.…

Launch/Rebranding Campaigns

Your marketing agency just landed a branding campaign with a large, multi-national oil and gas company. They want a marketing plan – complete with potential taglines and ad copy – in just a few days.…

Sales Collateral

“I need a brochure for that conference next month.” “Can you do a PowerPoint presentation for me by Thursday?”…

Editing and Proofreading

You’re diving into a new publicity project. You already have some amazing ideas in mind, and you and your staff are pumped. You’re also swamped.…

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