Personal Ghostwriting And Book Projects

A special holiday, birthday or anniversary is on the horizon, and you want to give your loved ones a one-of-a-kind gift.


You’ve had a fascinating, eventful life—in business, politics, academia, non-profits, or something else. You’ve always said you would like to write a book about it, but you’re just not sure how to get started on such a large, demanding project.


You find genealogy captivating and long to discover the characters, diverse places, ordinary and historical events that made up your ancestor’s lives. You’d love to compile those discoveries and write a book detailing your origins.


You’ve always wanted to collect your grandmother’s stories and sayings. A book — in her voice and her words — would make a beautiful keepsake for the whole family.


These are just a few of the many reasons you might want to hire a ghostwriter to produce a story that’s significant—for you, those you love, or for the wider audience you hope to reach.

Ghostwriters For Hire

As mysterious as it sounds, “ghostwriter” is just a term for a professional who writes your book (and also does research as needed). You get all the rights and all the credit.

Whether your goal is to preserve a loved one’s memories, give an unforgettable gift, write that memoir you haven’t gotten around to, or tell your life story in your own unique voice, the choice of a personal ghostwriter is pivotal to your project’s success.

The Writers For Hire can help. We truly love to work on personal projects, and our seasoned ghostwriters would be honored to help create a one-of-a-kind book you, your loved ones, friends, or colleagues will return to again and again in years to come.

Our Commitment To You

When you choose The Writers For Hire, you’re partnering with a team of award-winning professionals who are passionate about bringing your stories and ideas to life.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality, confidentiality, and dedication to our clients. Your ideas are safe with us, and we work diligently to ensure you are happy throughout the entire ghostwriting process.

Books We Write

Biographies and autobiographies A true-life story that is uniquely yours
Biographies and autobiographies make up about a third of all the books we’ve written, edited, or consulted on. Some of our writers are expert biographers. They know how to ask the right questions and choose the right words to turn your life story into a high-quality page turner.

Our clients come to us with a very specific set of goals and concerns. You may have a specific timeframe for completing the project, for example, or key themes you want to highlight. You’ll also want to hire a biographer that is a good fit, especially when there are controversial or sensitive topics involved.
Thought leadership books Book ghostwriting services for executives and experts
At The Writers For Hire, we know that success isn’t delivered on a silver platter. It takes years of hard work, intense focus, and an enormous amount of dedication to reach the top of your field.

We love telling the stories of how people made it to where they are and the lessons they learned along the way. We’ll document your knowledge with pin-point precision and use your own branded voice.

Whether you want to tell the story of the company you founded or display the thought leadership acumen you’ve accumulated, we’re ready to help you write an industry-insider book you’ll be proud to put your name on.

Your ghostwriting team will meet you wherever you are in the process. We can provide:
  • Conceptual help
  • Research and SME interviews
  • Personalised book writing from scratch or wherever you are in the process
  • The services of a sharp editor to polish a current draft.
Memoirs A very personal type of personalized book
Writing your memoir is a very intimate and personal process, so working with a team of ghostwriters that you like and trust is essential. With over 20 years’ experience in ghostwriting, we understand the sensitive nature of certain topics, and have learned how to approach them.

At The Writers For Hire, you’ll be paired with a writer and editor who will help you turn your memories into a book that inspires, motivates, or even makes readers smile, laugh, or shed an empathetic tear.
Custom family books Preserve the story of you and yours
There are few things as rewarding as documenting and recording your family’s story in a personalized family book.

The Writers For Hire can show you how fulfilling (and easy) the process can be. We’ll use every source available – personal interviews, historical records, family documents, photographs – to craft a personalized book for family members that preserves their legacy for years to come.
Ghostwriting as a gift The personalized gift that trumps all other personalized gifts
At The Writers For Hire, we have ghostwriters who can help you give your loved ones the ultimate gift – a personalized book about their life story, family history, or genealogy.

We offer a comprehensive suite of personalized book gifts, including genealogy reference books, regional and ethnic family histories, oral history compilations, and family business history books. Let us help you give a truly meaningful gift this year.

From a traditional book to something a little different, we will work with you to create a singular heirloom.

Express yourself. Share your knowledge. Tell your story.

Preserve cherished memories for generations. A family history book makes an unforgettable gift.

Our expert researchers can help you trace your roots back through multiple generations.

A unique gift for parents and grandparents. Create a keepsake book that future generations will treasure.

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FAQs About Ghostwriting for Families and Individuals

Will I get all the credit as author?

Yes, you will retain all the rights and will be named as the sole author, unless you choose to give us credit as co-authors or editors

Is it ethical to hire a ghostwriter?

Yes, it’s a practice that’s many centuries old. All the ideas in your book are yours. Your ghostwriter makes them flow as a narrative and helps you get them into shape for publication.

I’d like the ghostwriting arrangement to remain private. Is that okay?

This is always our policy. Discretion is a high priority for us, and our ghostwriting contracts also normally contain a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

My work is technical in nature. Are you qualified to write and edit my book?

Yes we are, because our teams comprise writers and editors with backgrounds in science and technology. Others come from oil & gas, education, software engineering, marketing, and more. Plus, they’re inquisitive, quick learners.

I’d like you to publish my book, too. Can you do that?

Yes, we have a preferred publisher to recommend. If you want to use another publishing route, we can assist you with exploring your options and preparing the book to meet your chosen publisher’s requirements.
Read more about publishing options for your book.

Your company’s location is a long way from mine. Can you still write my book?

Yes, technology has made this simple and convenient. We use virtual meetings and good old-fashioned airplanes to work with clients all over the country and the world.

Some of my family members aren’t very talkative. How can I convince them to participate in interviews?

You can often overcome this reticence by involving them in formulating questions, telling them why you see the book as important, and making the process fun for everyone. Our ghostwriters know how to tactfully coax hesitant relatives out of their shells.

I have no idea how to do an interview. Can you tell me some of the secrets that interviewers use?

Active listening, open-ended questions, and sensitivity are all important to a successful, productive session with an interviewee. Professional ghostwriters have incorporated these techniques to master the art of the interview.

There may be a few “skeletons” in our family‘s closet. How do professionals approach sensitive topics that help to personalize a book but are tricky to ask about?

Two essential tactics are: Using discretion and respecting boundaries by getting consent to ask these delicate questions.
Find more helpful tips on interviewing your family members for a book.

I’d like to create a family history that is a little different. Do you have any ideas?

We sure do. There are lots of clever ways to compile your family history in book form.
Discover some imaginative, fun, and even slightly offbeat ways to build your personalized book for family members.

I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of research that’s needed to track down my family history. Where can I find help?

This is where an adept family history researcher can step in. Our researchers know all about accessing the right sources for the information you need, and we love doing the work that truly makes family history books personalized.

I’m not a writer. I could use some help with writing my own story (or my company’s story, or my family’s story). What kinds of writing skills do ghostwriters bring to the process?

Ghostwriters are practiced storytellers and skilled writers. Your ghostwriter will work with you to catch the vision for your story, and adopt the style and format you’re looking for.
Learn more about how a ghostwriter can help bring your family history to life in a book.

I’d like to know how to hire ghostwriters for personal books.

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