Standard Operating Procedures

You have: a complex procedure for handling a certain aspect of your business.

You want: a clear, concise description of the process.

You need: a team to pull it all together and outline the steps in a way that makes sense to anyone involved in the activity.

At The Writers For Hire, we understand the importance of clearly outlined instructions. We can take even the most complicated, technical process and translate it into a system that all your employees can follow. We will help you create your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure consistency across your business that your clients will notice.

We Love Good Instructions!

The Writers For Hire helps many clients from vastly different industries create operational standards that serve as instructions for all employees to follow without deviation. We help organize all those random notes – and, yes, even handwritten calculations on scraps of paper – that the key stakeholders have individually accumulated over the years of working on a specific project, process, or position.

Whether you’re looking standardized description of a complete system, an exhaustive explanation of a particular role within your company, a process for maintaining Quality Assurance, a uniform way to handle complaints, a detailed outline of your shop’s safety precautions, or something else, we’ve got you covered.

We Put Our Capabilities to Work for You

Your team at The Writers For Hire will work with you to boost your reputation with clients by establishing consistency in all your operations. Of course, no one knows your company – or the ins and outs of your regular procedures – like you and your employees do. But we understand that your subject matter experts (SMEs) who know the technical side might not be the best at explaining their step-by-step process in writing. We’ll boil down your complex processes into manageable instructions to create an SOP that all your employees can follow.

TWFH has the capability to perform the complex elements of your SOP:

We help clients by:

  • Gathering the data. We will interview the SME or other employees directly involved in the process at hand.
  • Standardizing data. We translate all the various information from all key stakeholders into uniform language.
  • Writing instructions. We break down the processes for complex systems into workable pieces that all employees understand.
  • Performing a readability check. We ensure that your document speaks to your audience.
  • Anticipating the questions. We will be sure that the document provides the answers.
  • Creating dynamic templates. We will help simplify and standardize your data compilation, from spreadsheets to worksheets.
  • Testing the procedure. We walk through a “test run” with key employees to make sure the steps are correct.
  • Collecting feedback. We work with the SME or Quality Assurance team to collect feedback on the process and adjust as necessary.
  • Formatting the final presentation. We help design a layout that includes visuals to graphically explain systems.
  • Matching Human Resources collateral. We can integrate your SOP into a larger corporate training manual.
  • Presenting the final process. We can hold special training seminars to educate your employees on the standards.

Types of SOPs

  • Operational SOPs outline the standard accepted procedures for operating standard equipment or performing a repetitive technical activity.
  • Administrative SOPs explain the typical functional or programmatic responsibilities within a specific job.
  • Analytical SOPs document the exact steps and method in performing a recurring process.
  • Methodic SOPs describe a complete testing system or method of investigation.
  • Safety SOPs detail all the precautions that ensure a safe working environment.
  • Infection Control SOPs dictate the precise protocol to ensure devices, equipment, and facilities are cleaned according to best practices.
  • Change Control SOPs provide guidance on implementing and ensuring required organizational changes.
  • Quality Assurance SOPs detail the steps to maintain and control quality.
  • Complaint Management SOPs explain how to deal with complaints, from receiving to addressing to archiving.

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