Case Studies

Coming up with an original point of view. Finding a topic your readers can relate to. Interviewing your customers and subject matter experts (SMEs). Waiting for approvals.

Count on us to do the heavy lifting – making the process easier, faster, and less painful – from start to finish; from concept development to final proofing. Not only will we provide top-notch content, we’ll handle every project management detail, even diplomatically badgering the legal department for their sign-off.

Our case study writers live at the intersection of science and marketing: With backgrounds in industries like oil & gasIT, and manufacturing; keen interviewing skills; and off-the-charts writing ability, they can take even the most technical topic and weave it into a fascinating customer success story. Never dry, never boring, always completely clear and persuasive. Hooking readers with plenty of “Hey, that sounds just like my situation!” moments that show you know what it’s like to be in their shoes and can tackle and solve their challenges.

Case Studies

What makes a good case study writer? Our team shares these key characteristics:

  • Smart, curious, and able to grasp and convey technical concepts in language your audience will understand.
  • Sharp interviewers. Skilled at building rapport and asking the right questions.
  • Good story tellers who will bring your customer’s success to the foreground – and illustrate how your company is the hero behind it.
  • Great content organizers. They’ll develop the best creative path for telling your story, including alternatives to the conventional challenge-solution-results format.
  • Committed to protecting your confidentiality.

Case Study Services

Because we have multiple writers with case study experience, we can handle large, complex assignments and meet even the most challenging deadlines. You can depend on us every step, from brainstorming through final review:

  • Concept development. We’ll collaborate with you to develop the right topic, approach, and tone for your audience, consistent with your marketing goals.
  • Project management. No hand-holding needed here. We can manage the entire process, from interviewing SMEs to suggesting appropriate images to working your approval network.
  • Editing and review. Edits and rewrites to improve clarity, flow, and organization.
  • Proofreading. Always completed by a previously uninvolved proofreading resource for squeaky-clean final copy.

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