“Nonfiction” is a broad category – and in our 15+ years providing ghostwriting services, we’ve written or consulted on nonfiction books for a wide variety of topics from finance and self-improvement to true crime, public policy, and business.

Our nonfiction ghostwriting clients have a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, and reasons for writing a book – but they all share a few basic concerns and goals:

  • They want a book that reflects them – their knowledge or expertise, their voice, their unique perspectives or insights.
  • They are looking for an experienced writing team that can help them produce the best possible end product.
  • They want to work with a team that is sensitive to their goals and timeline.
  • They want good communication and responsive customer service.

When you work with us, that’s exactly what you get.

Customizable, Customer-Focused Ghostwriting Services

Here’s what you can expect when you work with The Writers For Hire:

  • We will take the time to get to know you. Every book project begins with an extensive kickoff meeting. We spend a full two to three days interviewing you; learning more about your vision and goals for your book; and discussing your style preferences, timelines, additional interviewees, and printing options. We come to every interview ready to listen and learn – and we take detailed notes and make recordings to make sure that we don’t miss a word.
  • We will take the time to get to know you. Every book project begins with an extensive kickoff meeting. We spend a full two to three days interviewing you; learning more about your vision and goals for your book; and discussing your style preferences, timelines, additional interviewees, and printing options. We come to every interview ready to listen and learn – and we take detailed notes and make recordings to make sure that we don’t miss a word.
  • You’ll enjoy working with your writer. Because we understand customer service, we’ve mastered the art of combining our expertise with yours. We know how to proactively offer advice, while also respecting your wishes as an author. We acknowledge your unique insight into your target audience as a subject matter expert and your unique personality as an individual – both of which should be reflected in your final manuscript.
  • You’ll review what we write as we write it. Ghostwriting is a collaborative, back-and-forth effort. We communicate with you regularly, and we’ll send you a new chapter or section to review about every other week. You’ll always know the status of your book, and you’ll be able to provide immediate feedback.
  • If you don’t like something, we’ll change it. We seek your feedback every step of the way. You tell us what’s working and what you’d like to change – and we make revisions based on your comments.
  • You’ll work with the best. We don’t farm out our work to inexperienced interns or fresh-from-college first-timers. Our writers have been doing this for a long time. We’re professional, full-time writers – and we’re exceptional at what we do.

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Past Nonfiction Projects

We have written, edited, or consulted on 35 books, including several nonfiction books on a variety of topics:

  • The Biography of a Successful “Turnaround Artist.” Readers learn how one of this country’s most successful businesspeople and “turnaround artists” brought several major companies back from the brink of bankruptcy. This is a colorful story of a self-made man who grew up in Lebanon and built an inspiring career, starting at GE and eventually holding C-level positions in a series of well-known publically held companies.
  • A Primer to O&G Investments in Africa. Although the opportunities in Africa are enormous, the political climate has left many investors with a bad taste. This book lays out the good, the bad, and the ugly of oil and gas investments in Africa. With this roadmap, businesspeople will learn how to navigate the common pitfalls to build good companies while invigorating local economies.
  • The Authentic Executive. How does a mediocre high school student who failed her first CPA exam become the CFO of a publically held company before the age of 40? By taking the road less traveled. Learn how being true to yourself, combined with a little hard work, can still lead to corporate success.
  • The Truth About Making Money in Medical Marijuana. As states and feds duke it out, the legalized marijuana growers are left in a quagmire. A medical marijuana dealer tells the true story of trying to build a successful business in the shifting sands of daily changing legal requirements, as well as social and financial hindrances.
    Investment Advice for Private Equity Fund Managers. This story captures the business experiences of a highly regarded, well-recognized financial investor and businessman to share with the next generation of investors. His tale helps business school graduates take the first steps in telling a good deal from a bad deal. The Writers For Hire was involved in writing the book from scratch and drawing from dozens of interviews with the author.
  • Geopolitical Ramifications of Shale Revolution. One oilfield company CEO explores the worldwide effects of the US oil and gas boom brought on by advances in fracking technologies. Our team interviewed more than 30 oil and gas experts and political figures, attended O&G conferences, and toured a fracking site. In addition, we organized and managed a related author branding campaign which included: taking the author from zero social followers to more almost 4,000 Facebook followers and almost 8,000 Twitter followers; writing and promoting the author blog and newsletters; and boosting the author content to first page search results for book-related content terms.
  • Guide for Successful Relationships. This self-help book debunks the 'bad advice' and common misconceptions surrounding relationships in modern society. This book aims to teach the reader how to prepare for successful relationships based on values and deal-breakers. Our writers were employed to interview the client, write the story, and organize a 400+ page outline with research.

Our Process

Beyond Writing: Interviewing, Organizing, and Project Management

Large book projects require more than just great writing skills. A book project may involve an extensive information-gathering phase that includes interviews, background reading, and research – and it requires a team of skilled project managers to keep things organized and moving.

Our team can handle every part of your book project, including:

  • Scheduling and conducting interviews
  • Doing background research
  • Gathering and organizing information from a variety of sources
  • Working with your choice of designer to create custom visuals
  • Helping you explore your printing options

References Available

Sure, we think our writing team is pretty great – but we’re just a bit biased. If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with us, from our real ghostwriting customers, just ask us for references.


  • Q: Who has the rights to my book?

    A: You do. It’s your book, and you retain 100% of the rights to it.

  • Q: Who gets credit for writing my book?

    A: You do. In addition to retaining 100% of the rights to your book, you can claim sole authorship. Some of our clients choose to credit us as editors or co-writers. Although it’s nice to get a shout-out now and then, the majority of our clients don’t disclose the fact that they used a ghostwriter – and that’s fine with us.

  • Q: Is ghostwriting ethical?

    A: Of course. Your ghostwriter is simply helping you say what you want to say in a clear, engaging way. The ideas are 100% yours – all a ghostwriter does is help you get it on the page.

  • Q: I don’t want anyone to know I used a ghostwriter. How do I ensure privacy?

    A: We take your privacy seriously. Most of our ghostwriting contracts include a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

  • Q: I’m short on funding. Can I pay you a portion of proceeds, after publication?

    A: Our ghostwriters are professional, full-time writers and editors – and in order to keep them on our team, we have to pay them for their time. Our business model simply isn’t set up to take projects on spec.

  • Q: My business/subject matter is very technical. Are you sure you can write/edit my book?

    A: Yes. Our diverse writing and editing team includes experienced writers with backgrounds in science and technology, oil & gas, journalism, education, and software engineering. They’re smart, naturally curious, and genuinely interested in learning more about your area of expertise. And, because ghostwriting is a collaborative effort, you’ll have the opportunity to review and fact-check every page we write.

  • Q: Can you publish my book?

    A: We can publish your book through CreateSpace, an Amazon subsidiary. If you are interested in other publishing options, we can recommend and provide introductions to several traditional and self-publishing companies.

  • Q: I live in Seattle. Your company is based in Houston. How can you write my book?

    A: Technology makes it easy for us to work with anyone, anywhere. Plus, we love to fly and will to travel to you if you prefer. After the initial kickoff meeting, most of our ghostwriting clients communicate with us via email, phone, or Skype. We’ve worked with hundreds of happy clients from all over the globe – from Singapore to San Jose to Scottsdale.

  • Q: What if I don’t like your edits or writing?

    A: Ghostwriting is a back-and-forth process, and we seek specific, constructive feedback from you every step of the way. Once we get a feel for your style preferences, we write a few pages and send them to you for review. You tell us what’s working – and what’s not working – and we send you a revised copy. You see every chapter as we go, which means there won’t be any surprises at the end.

  • Q: Can you design my book’s cover or create custom illustrations or infographics?

    A: We don’t offer illustrations and infographics in-house, but we can provide introductions and recommendations for design work, and we can project manage the design portion of your book.

  • Q: Can you guarantee that my book will get published?

    A: If you are referring to self-publishing, which is now almost 20% of the current market, then yes. If you are referring to traditional publishing, no one can guarantee publication. We can, however, provide you with introductions to a few local/niche publishers; we can help guide you through the self-publishing process; and we can pitch your book to traditional publishers.

  • Q: How long will it take to write my book?

    A: A full-length book typically takes between 6 and 12 months. However, a compressed scheduled can almost always be accommodated. Just tell us what your deadline is. Chances are, we can make it.

Who Gets Nonfiction Projects?


Our team has written research-based books on non-fiction topics from finance and self-improvement to true crime, public policy, and business.


Share your knowledge or expertise, and establish yourself as an industry leader.crime, public policy, and business.


Share your views, connect with supporters, and build your brand. crime, public policy, and business.


Establish credibility, share your successes, and connect with customers and colleagues.


Express yourself. Write your novel. Tell your story.

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Why Choose The Writers For Hire?

Put your trust in The Writers For Hire. We help you define what you need to produce the most exceptional copy possible, and we consistently deliver what we promise. When it comes down to it, you won’t find another professional writing team that can provide the same level of commitment:







We have the experience you need.

Other writing firms have good teams – but we have a great team. Our highly credentialed and experienced writers are degreed, full-time professionals, several of whom hold Ph.D.’s and master’s degrees in their fields. They bring a variety of backgrounds and, perhaps more importantly, understand how the business world works.

We get to know you

Developing and maintaining long-term client relationships is important to us. We take the time to get to know your company so we can develop messaging that both fits your company personality and presents real value to your end customer.

We are part of your team.

We believe in treating your project as our own. We’re not just writing your copy; we’re helping you deliver on your promise – to your boss, to yourself, to your stakeholders. That means we become proactive members of your company and seamless extensions of your internal team. Sure, we’ll take directions when you know exactly what you want. But we’ll also make suggestions when you need guidance to make every project a success.

We are efficient.

Time is valuable. The Writers For Hire won’t waste yours. We recognize that you don’t have enough hours in the day to train writers and editorial project managers – on the other hand, you can’t afford to make mistakes on such an important element of your business operations. We use a proprietary process to quickly synch with your team, and award-winning software to efficiently manage campaigns with hundreds of deliverables.

We’ve got your back.

Say your lead writer is out of the office, and you need a quick turnaround on a new deliverable. You have back-up who knows the particulars of your account and can move your projects ahead seamlessly. So go ahead and call us at any given time – we’ll make it happen for you.

We are exceptionally customer-focused.

Our dedication to customer service is obvious: You’ll never worry about being able to reach us. You’ll have a dedicated team assigned to you, and you can rest assured that your team will be highly responsive.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our client list speaks for itself.

We assist Fortune 100s, government entities, and large corporations – including Hilton, Forbes, Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Sara Lee, Rig-Zone, St. Arnold Brewing Company, Caterpillar, and Mitsubishi Forklift Truck, to mention just a few.

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