Editorials & Op-Eds

Your organization is taking a stand on a controversial political issue, and the execs want a detailed op-ed for the national press – along with customized versions for local, state, and professional publications. Oh… and they want it by EOD.

A prominent magazine has agreed to run a feature about your client’s success in their field. All you have to do is write it and submit it by deadline – while you stay on top of several other major PR projects.

You have no shortage of ideas for your trade publication, but finding people with the writing skills – and the ability to describe complex industry concepts – has been a struggle.

What if you could reap the benefits of these scenarios and sidestep the challenges?

The Writers For Hire can produce quality editorial content that meets your needs, satisfies editors’ requirements, and resonates with readers. We can do that because nearly every member of our team has considerable journalistic experience, from reporting and editing to teaching journalism at the high school and post-secondary levels.

Our Press Credentials

Our writers and editors have experience writing hard news, features, editorials and business news for publications that include:

Along With…

  • Weddings In Houston
  • In Cahoots
  • World Pipeline
  • Mount Horeb Mail
  • Camping Today
  • Daily Court Review
  • Innovations Magazine (Trade)
  • Business North Carolina
  • Perspectives (Trade)

Our Training Includes:

  • B.A. in Journalism
  • Master’s in Technical Communication
  • Master’s in Communication Management
  • B.A. in TV/Radio
  • Doctoral Dissertation in Visual Media & Iconic Photography

We Have Taught Journalism At :

  • Online University Journalism
  • Journalism Courses in U.S., China and Hong Kong
  • High School Journalism

Trade and Industry-Specific Editorial

Because we write for so many industries – from medicine to energy to education to corporate human relations – we also can provide journal and trade publication content for your most knowledgeable readers.

Need a few niche pieces placed in key industry publications? You don’t have to turn to a public relations company to help you get your editorials to the press. We provide highly effective placement support services, too.


Our extensive writing and editing experience helps us craft op-eds that clearly get your points across.

We’ve written op-eds about a variety of political and social topics, from the U.S. ban on oil exports to mass shootings.

Your corporate communications strategy may encompass some or all of the individual elements below. We have expertise in each of them.

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