Manuals and Handbooks

How do you know that your written instructions make sense?

How can you guarantee you’re your technical manual is crystal-clear — even to a non-technical audience?

How do you know if you’ve missed critical steps or glossed over key information?

Here’s something we’ve learned after decades of technical writing: The closer you are to a subject — especially a technical subject — the harder it is to write about it. This is especially true if you’re writing for a general audience unfamiliar with the ins and outs of your product or service.

That’s where we come in. Our technical writers and editors have extensive experience transforming potentially complicated information into clear, accurate, and easy-to-follow copy, including:

  • Technical manuals
  • Policy manuals
  • Instruction manuals
  • Handbooks
  • Training manuals
  • User guides

Why You Shouldn’t Write Your Own Manual

It might seem counterintuitive at first: You and your subject matter experts (SMEs) know your product/service/process better than anyone. Doesn’t that mean that you’re the best people to write about it?

Not always. When you know your subject inside and out, it’s all too easy to assume that your readers are, literally and figuratively, on the same page. Steps that seem obvious to you might be completely unfamiliar to your clients or users. Terminology that makes perfect sense to you and your SMEs might sound like a foreign language to a non-technical audience.

By combining your deep industry expertise with our extensive writing experience, you can ensure that your next manual offers the right balance of in-depth technical guidance and clear, accessible information.

We help you by:

  • Working with your SMEs. We excel at working with subject matter experts, from HR executives to pipeline engineers to software developers. We respect their time, we listen, and we ask good questions. We’re fast learners, and we’ve got plenty of experience gathering and organizing detailed information.
  • Sweating the small stuff. We understand that a manual must be thorough and accurate to do its job. Our writers and editors are detail-oriented, nitpicky, and approach every project with an eye toward clarity. We will write, edit, rewrite, ask questions, and check facts.
  • Keeping your end users in mind. We’ll ensure that your manual is tailored to your intended audience, whether you’re writing for first-time users or longtime clients. We’ll run your manual through our team of internal editors to ensure that they make sense, and we can even analyze the vocabulary and reading level.
  • Helping you stay organized. Most manuals require large amounts of information and involve stakeholders and SMEs across multiple departments. Our experienced project managers will keep track of all the moving parts, deadlines, and data — and ensure that your project stays on track.

Qualified, Experienced Writers

TWFH writers and editors have degrees ranging from journalism to technical communications, all of which proves valuable when writing manuals and guides.

Plus, we have extensive experience writing for a wide range of industries. We employ the insights we’ve gained throughout our processes, from developing interview questions for your SMEs to making complex processes understandable to your audience.

Our experience encompasses such fields as:


SOPs, HR Documentation, and More

In case you couldn’t tell. We really love writing instructions. But manuals aren’t our only service offering: We can also help you document your company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) or write clear, easy-to-digest employee training materials.

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