Are you finding the “free encyclopedia that anyone can edit” to be a little too difficult to edit? Let us help.

At The Writers for Hire, our team has years of experience navigating the rules, codes, and behind-the-scenes politics of Wikipedia. And we can guide you through the entire process:

  • Determining if your topic is eligible for a Wikipedia article
  • Researching source material
  • Writing a draft
  • Posting your finalized draft live on Wikipedia
  • Monitoring your article and updating as needed
  • Answering any questions that come up along the way

Not all topics are suitable for Wikipedia articles. To figure out if your company, your book, your CEO, or any other topic is eligible, just start here:

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Why do you think this topic deserves a Wikipedia article?
Does this topic have a Wikipedia article currently? If so, what would you like to change about the article?
Has the topic ever had a Wikipedia article that was taken down?
If so, do you know why it was taken down?
Please list the best ten sources on your topic in the area provided below. If you don’t have ten, just list as many as possible. You can include URLs to an article or publication information for offline sources. For offline sources, please include the following: Name of publication, date of publication, page number of article.

What If I’m Not Eligible?

In some cases, we can give your current PR efforts the extra boost you need to make your subject eligible. We can also help you increase your internet presence and help your search engine rankings even if you aren’t eligible for Wikipedia.

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“I have been nominated for the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame, and the committee used my Wiki page as one of the research sources, so I owe you guys a very big thanks and ‘job well done!’”


Wikipedia Client

“I've had so much positive feedback, professionally and personally, from the great job that you did with my Wiki page. It was well worth the time, effort, and expense.”


Wikipedia Client

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