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You know who’s best at writing press releases that will actually get picked up and used? Writers with direct experience in print, broadcast, and digital media- like the press release team at The Writers For Hire.

Oh, sure, our press release writers earned their degrees in journalism, technical communications, and TV/radio from some of the nation’s most highly regarded schools. But, more importantly, they’ve put that training to use in the trenches:

  • Managing public relations departments
  • Teaching college journalism
  • Getting published in everything from the New York Times to Los Angeles Magazine, Stars & Stripes to InStyle
  • Writing media kits in support of clients across various industries
  • Helping change public opinion about products, businesses, and even federal legislation

How Does This Benefit You?

Well, how about this: You won’t have to spend endless hours prepping the wrong team about your company, what it does, and what your challenges and goals are. We’ll match the right writers to your job. (Plus, we’re quick studies.)

You won’t waste time wondering what the best angle for your release will be. We’ll help you devise an effective strategy.

You won’t be saddled with copycat, look-alike content. We’re creative and original.

You won’t fret over missed deadlines, because there won’t be any. Our team approach – incorporating a lead writer, project manager, and editor on every project – guarantees on-the-dot delivery.

The New Media

Magazines and newspapers are slashing budgets daily. Gone are the days when companies sent a press release hoping a journalist would be inspired enough to craft a custom article. To save on editorial costs, your media release – in whole or in part – often is the article.

So unless you want your release relegated to the electronic recycle bin, it has to present something of real value. With a combined total of over 100 years of journalism and public relations experience – including reporting, editing, and teaching – our team creates high-value press releases that are:

  • Newsworthy. If the editor reads your release and thinks, So what?, it’s going nowhere. On the other hand, when you’ve nailed the news angle, outlets react. Our releases have been picked up by such prestigious publications as: LA Times; NY Times; USA Today; Police Chief Magazine; Texas Monthly; CBS News; The Daily Texan; Washington Post Business Insider; The Houston Chronicle; MSNBC; Huffington Post; Rolling Stone; and The (Austin, TX) Statesman.
  • Attention-grabbing. That’s the job of a great headline and intriguing opening paragraph (or ‘lead,’ as it’s called in journalism lingo).
  • Concise.
  • Engaging. Filled with facts, quotes, insights, and pertinent images.
  • Edited and proofed to perfection. Accuracy is essential.

Executive Communications

Part of understanding your executive is knowing your business. Because our writers have worked in a variety of industries – and are among the most inquisitive people you’ll encounter – they’re equipped to learn your company and strategy in less time and with less effort on your part. We’ve written successful press releases for individual, corporate, and industrial clients across a range of sectors, including:

A lot of press releases are as dry as Death Valley – which is essentially a death sentence: the usual “Acme Widgets announces its new Super Widget” isn’t likely to get picked up by anyone, anywhere. Readers want to know what’s in it for them and they don’t want to peel back the layers of the onion to find out. “Super Widget Expert Shows How to Reduce Car Repair Costs by 65%” will get a lot more mileage.

A good hook and a killer headline will attract the attention of editors, sure. But when our press release writers work on your project, they also consider what your headline would be like as a tweet. People love to share and when a great headline gets passed along on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, it expands your news audience with exactly no effort on your part.

Once the right headline is in place, our writers will perfect your lead, focusing on the why, not the what. Leading with the why (why your news is important to readers) rather than the what (we have a new product), highly improves the likelihood of your release getting noticed and picked up.

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