Intranet/In-House Messaging

Your organization prides itself on transparency. Your executives understand that central knowledge creates unity. But lately, employees have been grumbling: they don’t feel they get all the information from the top, and they’re starting to worry.

Your corporate intranet started out as a robust repository where all employees could find out about company events and news; coworkers; promotions and openings; and a whole slew of other employee-facing information. But it’s been quite some time since anyone’s used it regularly. In fact, the last employee survey you sent out got almost no response.

Your HR department has just brought in a group of new recruits. While it’s a great sign that your business is booming, the timing couldn’t be worse: Their manager is out on personal leave, and the rest of their department is preparing for a weeklong conference. You’ve been asked to set up an onboarding process to put much of their training online.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If you answered “yes,” you’ve come to the right place.

What makes us particularly helpful with your in-house messaging?

We take the time to get to know your company. We become proactive members of your organization, not just a contracted vendor. We dig deep into understanding your corporate strategies and goals, then combine this knowledge with our experience to provide best-practice strategies for your employee communications. This partnership ensures that your employees get the right message.

We get it done. We have the talent, the tools, and the processes to manage your large project efficiently. We understand how to strategize your big picture, how to manage multiple moving parts, and how to set up the appropriate talent to make our team feel like a seamless extension of yours.

We help clients across various market segments – from manufacturing to petrochemicals to oil & gas to professional services to retail franchises – keep their entire employee base in the loop on everything happening within their organization:

Extra Hands for Mar/Comm

Your company might have an internal communications manager who creates and administers all your in-house communications. But what if she’s the only one working on them? Or what happens when she doesn’t have time to edit and proof all of her messaging? Consider us your “second set of eyes” and your “overflow team”. Once you’ve started working with your team of writers at The Writers For Hire, you’ll have the same core group on-call anytime you need us.

As your in-house communications writers, we know what makes a great in-house messaging strategy. Components can be as varied and unique as your company, but some of the elements that we create include:

  • Internal newsletters. Distributing appealing newsletters to your employees on a regular basis keeps them informed and engaged.
  • Internal memos. Have some exciting news that shouldn’t wait to be broadcast? Circulating an internal memo at an unscheduled time will get their attention – especially if it’s good news or contains some praise.
  • Internal blog. Post updates for (or from) your staff where you focus on your internal audience rather than your client base, like talking about who attended the charity event from the past weekend or how they can participate in the upcoming food drive.
  • Executive communications. Messages from “the top” require an experienced ghostwriter who can quickly understand your C-level execs and write content in his or her voice.
  • Employee-wide announcements. Simplify the distribution of time-sensitive or otherwise critical company information – such as a change to some corporate policy, an explanation of a crisis, or an emergency response – in one mass-message.
  • Intranet. Much of the above content is great fodder for an employee-facing site. If you’re establishing an intranet, or have had one for years, we can help keep yours current, clear, and captivating with updated news, company wins, HR documentation, training manuals, employee handbooks, and of course, the occasional creative fun stuff.

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