Employee Training & Manuals

Employee Training, Workflow Procedures and Manuals

Are you looking to streamline your employee orientation materials?

Have you recently merged with another company, and you need to consolidate operating procedures?

Do you need to develop a welcome packet for new franchise owners?

Do your dated corporate manuals need a refresher?

We’ll take all your information and compile your company’s processes into clear copy. We work with you to identify your target learning objectives and overall corporate goals to create engaging training materials, procedures, and company manuals that your staff will actually remember.

We do the difficult work of deciphering your message so your readers don’t have to; the objectives will be clear to them from the get-go. We have experience writing instructional copy that boils down the essentials into training materials that are quick to read and easy to understand by:

  • Writing for your audience. Keep their needs and characteristics in mind, writing the copy to them using “you” throughout the instruction and sticking to an appropriate writing level accessible to all your staff.
  • Using terms your entire audience will understand. Realize that new employees might not yet know the specialized language of your field. If jargon is the only option, make sure to explain it fully – don’t assume it makes sense.
  • Using conversational language. It might seem to make sense to go with a formal style for training materials, but it’s harder for the audience to read.
  • Avoiding big words and complex sentences. Why use a big word when a shorter, more familiar word will do? Why opt for complex sentence structure when it can cause confusion?.
  • Keeping it simple. Only include as much as necessary to reach your learning objectives. Most people can only keep 4-7 snippets of information in their short-term memory, so don’t try to overload them.
  • Telling stories. People like stories; people remember stories. Engage your staff by telling a story – better yet, place them within a learning scenario.

Think Outside the Binder

If you’re still relying on the same 3-ring binder of employee training manuals that your company created in 1985, you’re likely missing the mark with your workforce today. Regardless of the information you present, an outdated presentation will leave them glassy-eyed and disinterested.

In addition to the typical read-along modules, consider introducing a “blended learning” approach that appeals to a variety of your workers’ senses (not just sight) and includes training in several different formats. A popular option in today’s corporate training space is video .

Video training can be particularly useful for organizations with multiple locations. Regardless of where your employees are located, you can link everyone and provide the same experience. This equates to serious time- (and cost-) saving by avoiding repeated training sessions. The possibilities are endless, but video training can be used for new employee orientation, new product training, and major company announcements, to name a few.

And remember that advice about recall? (No? “Most people can only keep 4-7 snippets of information in their short-term memory.”) Video lets your employees learn at their own pace and re-watch portions they missed.

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