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Our writers and editors manage multiple topics, multiple subject matter experts (SMEs), and multiple deadlines, all with equal ease. After hundreds of clients and decades of experience, it’s likely we’ve written about a business or focus like yours. But if we haven’t, rest easy: we’re quick learners who love research and never miss an opportunity to check a fact.

We’ve also come to grips with the realization that, online at least, readers want to get the point, fast. So we’ve mastered the art of the scannable post, including:

  • Strong headlines
  • Compelling subheads
  • Infographics
  • Bullet points
  • Highlighting important content
  • Links (learn more about our thought leadership capabilities here).
  • Calls to action that make people move. Now!

We’ll Work (Well) With Your SMEs

Your SMEs have vast knowledge to share and keen insights to impart, but they’re generally so caught up in their own work that they don’t have time to sit down and write a blog post. (Which might be just as well, inclined as they are to include everything they know instead of the key messages your audience wants to hear.)

Fortunately, our writers have the copywriting chops necessary to prepare content that keeps readers coming back for more. They also have the people skills to work with your SMEs.

  • They’ll respect your SME’s time, do their homework, and come prepared.
  • They know how to ask thoughtful questions, listen, and follow up. That helps them reach the gems hiding under the surface.
  • They’ll do the hand-holding needed to get the project completed on time. Like discussing goals, deadlines, and expectations at the start. Agreeing on ways to track progress. And implementing an established process for copy review and revisions.
  • They’re diplomatic. They understand that sometimes SMEs feel the piece won’t be complete without those 117 slides they did in 1982. Our writers will explain why that isn’t the best approach and offer alternatives that will keep everyone happy.

In other words, our writers create great partnerships with subject matter experts that result in great work.

In-House SEO Expert

SEO has changed dramatically over the past decade: Today’s Google rankings are more complex and sophisticated than ever — and it takes more than repeated use of keywords to keep your brand on the first page. Authentic, engaging content matters more than keywords. If you aren’t offering anything of value, readers — and Google rankings — will quickly go elsewhere.

When you work with The Writers For Hire, you’ll have access to a full-time SEO expert who can help you create blog campaigns that rank for search terms your target audience will use. That means your blog campaign will be built around a steady stream of relevant, high-quality content — no keyword stuffing here!

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This turned out awesome! We’re super happy with the blog and it received some very positive comments from two of our owners that reviewed it.


Blog Client

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the phenomenal work you’re doing for us. Each article I’ve run through our analysis system is scoring above a 9. These are all currently being loaded into the new site which will launch next week, and we’re super jazzed about it.


Blog Client

Excellent post Suzanne!!!!! I'm a data scientist trying to find that added value of data science to web content migration; and I found your article as a great summary of what I needed to know before diving deep. With very little prior knowledge on web content migration; this gave me really a great starter. Excellent workflow, excellent examples and I loved that you actually listed the tools that can be used to perform each of the tasks. Thanks heaps!


Blog Client

"Absolutely, positively AMAZING!"


Shannon, Realtor

“We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the article!!!! Great job!”


Charlene, Trade Association Director

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