Crisis Communications

Thanks to the power of the internet, a local event can become international news in minutes. And when that event is something that can threaten operations or reputations, you need to implement a strategic, speedy response across traditional and new media.

But what if you’re short-handed, with simply not enough staff dedicated to handling the unexpected?

Or what if you need specialized skills – like someone who really understands how to scrub an environmental report to produce a public-facing release? Or someone who can convey potentially negative news to your employees in a way that allays their fears and helps them become brand ambassadors at a critical time?

Consider The Writers For Hire your crisis communication backup.

Our journalism-trained writers have experience reporting, editing, and teaching. They know what it’s like to have to write about difficult issues or troubling news – and they’re experts when it comes to crafting honest, appropriate, and accurate content that tells the right story in a crisis, locally and globally.

From the first holding statements released immediately after an event to follow-up tweets, The Writers For Hire will deliver clear, concise information in the correct tone for:

  • External websites
  • Intranet
  • Social media
  • Broadcast and print communications
  • Internal meetings
  • Stakeholder presentations
  • Vendor, customer, and partner bulletins

Because we work in teams, we’re always at full strength and never short a key person. That means the crisis communication wheels keep turning to meet every immediate deadline.

Our writing team focuses on the kind of information stakeholders are looking for after a crisis, and we create strategic messages that protect reputations. With experience in journalism and public relations management, our writers know there’s no place for “no comment” after a crisis. They’ll put the right words in place, without overpromising.

The Writers For Hire provides a full complement of communications tools for companies and crisis communication agencies, including:

“White Label” Services for PR Agencies

Public relations agencies often avoid crisis communications work because of the staffing requirements. Under your name or ours, The Writers For Hire can provide press releases, social media content, and other support to help you expand your service offerings.

We are adept at quickly immersing ourselves into your team, your processes, and your clients’ specific needs, industry, and personality. We don’t miss deadlines, and we treat your clients with the same care and attention we would our own.

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