Give the Gift of a Lifetime – Their Story in Their Own Words

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a birthday, an anniversary, or just to say “I love you”? When you give someone a ghostwritten book, it’s sure to be the present everyone in the family will talk about for years to come.

How Your Ghostwriter Brings Your Loved One’s Stories To Life:

At The Writers For Hire, we can help you give your loved ones the ultimate gift – a personalized ghostwritten book that captures precious memories, historical events, and the rich tapestry of your loved one’s heritage.

We personalize the narrative.

Our skilled ghostwriters are adept at transforming raw data and historical facts into a captivating narrative that reflects your loved one’s unique journey. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for storytelling, we breathe life into the characters of your loved one’s past, allowing them (and the rest of your family) to connect with their heritage on a personal level.

We can come to you.

If your loved one prefers to meet in-person, we are happy to oblige. Our family historians will travel to conduct interviews with your family, as well as help organize family documents and historical files.

Unveil forgotten tales.

By conducting extensive research and interviews with your loved ones, we bring to light stories that have been buried by time, revealing the triumphs, challenges, and everyday moments that have shaped your family’s identity.

Create a nostalgic experience.

Our team of experienced ghostwriters will craft a book that takes your loved one and other readers on an emotional journey through times filled with laughter, sometimes tears, and a profound sense of appreciation for family.

Preserve family traditions.

We ensure that your loved one’s book includes all the customs and traditions from past generations, which may include specific ways of celebrating holidays, or perhaps family recipes or even rituals and ceremonies.

Beautiful design and presentation.

We also include photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, and other memorabilia that further enhance the reading experience. Then we work with skilled and experienced publishers to package it all in a professionally designed and bound format. The final product is a visually stunning keepsake.

We provide full genealogy services.

If you would like to combine your family history gift with a family tree, we can provide full genealogy services, including online and offline research. We’ve traveled the world to find facts and information stored in obscure locations, like village church records in Germany, Scotland, and The Netherlands dating back hundreds of years.

Life Story And Family History Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything!

We’ll help you choose the format that’s best suited for your needs, whether you want to tell one person’s story or dig deep into past generations.

We’ve listed below just a few ideas, but feel free to come up with your own. We love the chance to get creative!

Personal History Gifts: Autobiographies and Memoir

Perhaps our most popular option, we can capture your loved one’s own life story. Choose from popular formats such as a memoir that reflects on a significant life theme or event, or a comprehensive autobiography that captures their memories from childhood until present day.

Life Story Gifts: Oral History Compilations

Here, we collect and transcribe oral histories and interviews conducted with family members to preserve the “living voice” of your loved one and others as each tells their personal story. These publications usually also include photographs and other supporting historical materials.

Taste-ful Gift: A Personal Cookbook

Is your recipient a fervent foodie, or a professional or home chef? Are they known for whipping up wonderful dishes for family and friends, then being asked for their recipes?

If so, a personal cookbook that combines their delectable recipes with shared memories, anecdotes, and photos could be the perfect gift. We’ll blend those ingredients and present them in a book as beautiful as a fine table setting.

Family History Gifts: Narrative, Regional and Ethnic

Narrative family history books tell the story of your loved one’s family starting with the earliest known ancestors and progressing through the generations. This type of book includes stories, anecdotes, and historical context, making for a compelling — and often surprising — read.

We also collect and transcribe oral histories and interviews conducted with family members to preserve the “voice” of your loved one and others. These publications usually also include photographs and other supporting historical materials.

Family Legacy Gifts: Business Histories

Did your loved one start a business, or do they have an entrepreneurial history? We can create a gift book that traces their accomplishments and the challenges they had to overcome. Filled with interviews, photographs, business documents, news clippings, and other information, it will become an inspiration for family members down the line.

Genealogy Gift Books

These gift books trace the history, lineage, and relationships of a particular family or group of families. They generally include a variety of information related to family ancestry, including names, dates of birth and death, marriages, and other significant life events. These books may also include photographs, historical documents, maps, and other relevant materials that provide context and enhance the understanding of your loved one’s family history.

If you prefer a genealogical reference book, we can focus on presenting genealogical information, such as family trees, lineage charts, and supporting documentation. These books serve as a comprehensive resource for your loved one to study and research their own family history.

Family Trees: Gifts For Parents and Grandparents

After tracking down your loved ones’ ancestors and their vital information, our skilled genealogists and creatives can put together a beautiful family tree suitable for printing and framing. A visual reminder of their—and your—heritage. This is a truly unique gift for your family, one that will keep giving for years to come.

Ancestry Gifts: Travel Tours

Imagine literally tracing your family’s footsteps with the help of a certified international tour manager. We’ll use our genealogical expertise to research your family’s history and create a travel itinerary that provides historical context and travel recommendations – a valuable and highly personal resource for those interested in physically exploring their heritage.

Are you interested in visiting archives and digging into old books yourself? We also offer a great service where we travel with our clients to their ancestral homes, towns, cities, regions, and countries, and take them on a historic tour while describing our research process.

Unique Gifts for Families with Treasures: Heirloom Catalogs

If your loved one has a large collection of family heirlooms, such as jewelry, antiques, and fine art pieces, or they are keen collectors of other significant objects, we can draft a catalog-style book that documents and describes each item, including the historical significance and stories associated with each heirloom or collectable.

Precious Gifts: Family Medical Histories

Our medical history books document all the health conditions, diseases, and genetic traits that run in your loved one’s family. It can provide valuable information for future generations and medical professionals. A great gift for any family that wants to learn about their ancestors’ family medical history.

Keepsake Gift: A Fast, Simple, Fun Memory Book

This quick turn-around interview-style gift book records your loved one’s memories, thoughts, and hopes. Family members get involved in choosing the questions our writer will ask (and can also get copies of the book) so it’s really a gift for them, too.

Professionally bound and printed, consisting of up to 100 pages and illustrated with up to 10 photos, the keepsake book will be completed within three months. As you anticipate its arrival, your gift can be presented with one of our thoughtful pre-written letters, in your own words, or in a special gift box.

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Customer Testimonials

“I had previously sent you an email stating how very much pleased I am with the book…but, I am not sure whether I fully expressed it. Frankly, the writing of the book is simply outstanding! You and your team have done a wonderful job of creating a very readable and interesting book! I just can’t believe how it is all coming together.”

“What you came up with was very, very good. When Ray told me you were the best, I thought he was just blowing smoke (he does that a lot you know), but you really do a quality professional job. I have enjoyed working with you!”

“Once I started reading Kevin’s story, I couldn’t put it down. Though I knew him personally, I did not know all the struggles he faced on a day to day basis. This is a story of love, courage, faith, and an incredible warrior.”

“I’ve had so much positive feedback and response, from the great job that you did. As a matter of fact, I have been nominated for the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame! It was well worth the time and effort!”

“We are very pleased with the stories you did for us, and it has been a pleasure doing business with your company. We have other books planned, and we will certainly be in touch with you for additional work. In the meantime, please know how much we appreciate everything.”

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