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Communicating clearly with your employees and employees in training can be a challenge, especially during a time of corporate change. The Writers For Hire can help HR, corporate, and marcom with complex (and often sensitive) internal communications projects. Below are just a few such projects we’ve tackled recently:

  • We assisted a publically-traded leader in the material handling industry to rewrite their style and branding guidelines after several acquisitions. We worked diplomatically with representatives from seven brands to bring each new brand under the corporate identity while taking into account the acquired companies’ original branding preferences.
  • We currently write all CEO executive communications for a large oilfield services firm. These communications – which can total over five hundred pages a year -- include “bad news” employee-facing communications, merger and acquisition news, personal blogs, letters, public-facing statements, and a book.
  • We rewrote all benefits material for a Fortune 500 hospitality company after they discovered that many of their employees were unable to understand their benefits packages. These materials – all written to a sixth-grade reading level to ensure clarity -- were successfully distributed to over 300,000 employees worldwide.

We have the talent, the tools, and the processes to manage your large project efficiently. We understand how to strategize your big picture, how to manage multiple moving parts, and how to set up the appropriate talent to make our team feel like a seamless extension of yours.

Our Unique Team Approach to Internal Communications

Our diverse team includes writers, editors, and project managers with unique skillsets and varied backgrounds in fields like oil and gas, engineering, education, IT, F&B, business, and science – and we have worked with several Fortune 100 companies on their internal communications strategies. Our team approach means if a new deliverables falls out of your core team’s area of expertise, we can draw on other team writers with specialties in SEO, technical writing, proposal writing, press releases, case studies, social, and much more.

Depending on the size and scope of your internal communications needs, we have the talent to provide you a breadth of services:

  • Strategic planning. We work with you to refine your organization’s goals to keep your entire workforce on the same page.
  • Interviews and surveys. We coordinate with your workforce, uncover gaps in communication and help you develop a plan to fill those gaps.
  • Project management. We manage all the moving pieces and deliverables to keep your project running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Writing. We expertly craft your deliverables in your own language.
  • Editing and reviewing. We rework existing content for consistency across your entire internal communications strategy and deliver exceptional final copy.

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