Thought Leadership Content

Thought leadership is an excellent way to build your company’s reputation and impress your clients, shareholders, industry peers, and potential new employees.

The only thing is, if your company has generated even one thought leadership piece, then you’ve probably run across at least one of these situations:

  • Your subject matter experts (SMEs) are too busy with their everyday projects and responsibilities to research and write a compelling thought leadership piece for your company.
  • Your business development and marketing teams are overloaded and don’t have the time to coordinate resources and follow up on deadlines for an ongoing thought leadership campaign.
  • You know your subject matter inside and out, but you’re not sure that you’re explaining your viewpoint as clearly or as eloquently as you would like to.
  • You think your piece is mostly there, but you need a second set of eyes.
  • Your company’s marketing and business objectives differ from your SMEs’ stated interests and experience, and you’re not sure how to bridge the gap between the two.

The Writers For Hire can help streamline your content creation process and minimize your workload. No matter where you are in the process, we can immediately fall into step with your team to create interesting and engaging thought leadership pieces.

And, yes, while all of our writers are pros at delivering great copy, they also know that effective thought leadership doesn’t start at the keyboard. They’re equally skilled at pinning down the great ideas your thought leaders have floating around – and figuring out how to turn them into something that benefits, educates, or enlightens your audience. They’ve even helped clients outside the U.S. influence North American readers.

Want to talk about a technical topic? That’s not a problem: our writers have spent decades working with technical gurus across a number of industries – energy, petrochemical, engineering, manufacturing, technology development , and many more. Need someone with medical or public health expertise? We’ve got that, too. Geopolitical insights? Check. Good, old business know-how? You bet.

Our team approach keeps your project moving, no matter how complex or how many moving parts, and ensures there’s no such thing as a missed deadline.

Thought Leadership

Our collaborative, results-oriented process can help you position yourself or your company as an authority. We’ll ensure your thought leadership pieces:

  • Resonate with readers and contribute to a larger conversation.
  • Are substantive: full of facts, not fluff.
  • Express your unique point of view or opinion.
  • Include original research and sources.

We’ve written thought leadership content for clients in various industries, including:


Thought Leadership Services

Because we have multiple writers with thought leadership experience, we can handle large, complex assignments and meet even the most challenging deadlines. You can depend on us every step, from brainstorming through final review:

  • Concept development. We'll collaborate with you to develop the right topic, approach, and tone for your audience.
  • Interviews. Our writers easily develop rapport with your thought leaders and know how to ask the right questions to get the best responses.
  • Research. What can we say? We’re intellectually curious. We love digging a little bit deeper.
  • Project management. No hand-holding needed here. We can manage the entire process, from interviewing SMEs to suggesting appropriate images to make your case visually.
  • Editing and review. Edits and rewrites to improve clarity, flow, and organization. Includes technical reviews by your team to assure accuracy.
  • Proofreading. Always completed by a previously uninvolved proofreading resource for squeaky-clean final copy.

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