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Your company’s software and IT offerings are amazing but complex. The tech makes perfect sense to your R&D group… but those engineers have a hard time explaining it clearly to your clients or potential customers. After all the hard work of developing your software, don’t squander its potential.

You need to convert the highly technical IT-speak into language that clearly, logically explains the benefits of your company’s offerings to possible customers.

And to do that, you need writers who can break it down into terms your target audience can understand.

Experienced Technical Writers

The team at The Writers For Hire is full of technical writers who excel at deciphering highly complex IT concepts and boiling it down into digestible information.

We bring decades of experience working with clients in several highly technical industries. Specific credentials of some of our copywriters include:

  • Over a decade of experience in web hosting and development.
  • Techinical writer for the Department of Defense.
  • Master’s in technical communication.
  • Computer science degree.

Example Projects

RFP Responses

Most of our RFP clients come to us with hundreds of pages of information and a deadline that’s just a few days away. We can provide the technical knowhow and resources you need to get it done right – and on time.

User Manuals

By hiring a team that isn’t intimately familiar with product or service works, you can get an outside perspective – and ensure that your manuals and guides are comprehensive, helpful, and clear to new users.


Our writers are naturally curious and genuinely interested in what your SMEs have to say. And we love whitepapers: reading them, studying them, and learning about leading-edge trends to apply to your project.

Content Marketing

Position your firm’s SMEs as industry experts with a series of thought leadership pieces.

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You'll work with a great team of writers, with real-world experience. No newbies here, just check out our resumes. Equally important, you'll work with writers who understand -- really understand -- what it means to take care of our customers, make projects our own, and deliver on our promises.


"The Writers For Hire grasps your challenge quickly and is able to translate (your information) into something with much more sophistication and efficiency."


President, International Software Company

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