Ghostwriting & Books

Technical, Business, and Family BooksThe Writers For Hire is an elite writing firm that combines the one-on-one attention of a single freelancer with the professionalism and services you’d find at a big agency.  When you choose The Writers For Hire, you’re getting more than a ghost writer – you’re getting a vetted team of professionals, ready to help you with every aspect of your project:

• Organization
• Writing and editing
• Creative feedback
• Multiple proofreaders
• Versatile writing styles
• Publishing and design  contacts and consultants
• A time-proven  ghostwriting team process – you’ll work with a lead writer, but also benefit from the presence of a chief editor, and research assistants

Nonfiction Books

non fiction
• Financial advice
• Self-help
• Cookbooks
• Educational manuals & textbooks
• True-crime
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Business/Corporate Books

• Business-to-business books
• Corporate biographies
• Marketing & branding books
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Family Histories

• Family histories
• Biographies & autobiographies
• Memoirs
• Personal projects
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Creative Fiction

• Children’s books
• Adolescent lit
• Novels
• Comic books
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All of our ghostwriters are full-time, salaried ghost writers. You’ll work with the same writing team from start to finish. Additionally, we offer layout services, printing, and publishing assistance via our partner organizations.

Why Hire a Ghost Writer?

Writing a book is a full-time job. And it’s a job that requires a very specific set of skills and qualifications. Most of our clients are:
• busy professionals who lack the time or resources required to write and edit a book
• family history enthusiasts who want an expert to pen their autobiography or preserve a loved one’s memories
That’s where we come in.

We turn your great ideas into a full-length, engaging, and polished manuscript. We have ghostwritten and co-authored several books in a wide variety of subjects and genres.

Ghostwriting Prices

Ghostwriting prices vary depending on a variety of factors, including the length of the manuscript, the complexity of the topic, and the pre-reading and research requirements.

Number of Pages Price Estimate
1-5 Pages $900-$2900
5-15 Pages $1900-$5525
25 Pages $4000-$9700
250 Pages $25000-$65000

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