Copyright Rules for Blog Writers

29 Oct 2019


Every good blogger knows that photos are an integral part of blog writing. The use of photos and graphic images helps improve your blogs by breaking up the text and giving your readers something interesting to look at.  But how do you find free images to use? And how do you know that those images are truly copyright free?

Well, this blog from PRNewswire is a great place to start. The blog provides three basic rules for ensuring that your blog is not breaking any copyright laws. It explains how you are financially responsible for anything you post on the web and describes what kind of consequences you could face for copyright violations. It also goes into a brief description of the various types of copyright categories you may find when searching for images online.

While the possibility of copyright violations and penalties may sound scary, there are plenty of sites where you can get images that are copyright free—which means that you can use them in your blogs without having to worry about penalties. Sites such as Pixabay and Unsplash offer a vast catalogue of images that are truly free and can be used for any of your blogs. And some sites, such as SplitShire, even have free video archives.

For more information on copyrighted images (and some great sites that have truly free images), check out our blog on the Top Six (Really) FREE Image Sites!

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