How to Write an Email Newsletter That People Will Actually Read

02 Oct 2019


If you have ever been in charge of writing email newsletters, you know that it can be an incredibly frustrating process.

You work hard to try to write an email that contains the important information that you need to convey, yet when you check your open and click rates, it seems that very few people are actually reading what you send.

But, what if there was a way that would ensure that more people would take the time to read what you send?

This helpful blog from HubSpot may be just the tool that you need to write better email newsletters that people will actually want to read.

In the blog, they suggest that you first evaluate whether an email newsletter is actually necessary. This may sound odd, but newsletter campaigns take a lot of work. If it is not going to be an effective tool for your particular business, then it may end up being just a colossal waste of time.

The blog also suggests that you spend some time zeroing in on what kind of email you want to send and what would be the most effective for your target audience. It is important that your email is focused and free of clutter. If your readers have a hard time pinpointing exactly what you want to relay, they will quickly lose interest and stop reading.

Another important aspect is to make sure that your newsletters are not overly self-promotional. Yes, part of the reason that you are sending these newsletters is to benefit your business, but people don’t want to sit down and read an advertisement. Hubspot suggests keeping 90 percent of your newsletter’s content educational, with only 10 percent being promotional.

For more great newsletter tips, be sure to check out Hubspot’s blog. And let us know if you have any great tips of your own!

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