Our Writers’ Favorite Word of the Week? Synesthesia!

05 Nov 2018


Today we found a new word! Synesthesia!

Synesthesia is a rare neurological sensory phenomenon that causes people to experience unique perceptual cross-overs.

Do your numbers or days have colors or personalities? Do certain words taste sweet to you, while others are bitter or sour? Or do you see colors when you hear music, see abstract concepts like time projected in the space around you, or feel a tingly sensation when you smell certain things?

If any of these apply to you, you may have synesthesia!

This interesting article from MNN.com dives into the fascinating minds of synesthetes (people who have synesthesia) and how their views of the world around us, and the way they process information, differs from the average person.

They also explain how synesthesia is diagnosed, genetic components of synesthesia, and the reasons behind why only up to 4 percent of the population has synesthesia.


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