7 Unusual Ways To Improve Your Writing

14 May 2019


As with every form of art, we writers are constantly working to improve our craft.

From reading the works of great writers to attending writing workshops and checking out the latest and greatest grammar rules and regulations, we try very hard to stay at the top of our writing game.

In our never-ending search for interesting new ways to help us grow as writers, we came across this inspiring article from The Writing Cooperative on 7 unusual tips that will “explode” your writing skills. The article suggest things such as hand-copying the works of great writers, as well as breaking down entire novels and analyzing the complete portfolios of successful writers.

Watercooler Writer 
Ever wonder what writers talk about? Our writers are always sharing something new with each other, from the latest and greatest in apps and technology to grammar rules and the origin of certain words. With our Watercooler Writer series, we have taken our very best finds, and are sharing them with you.

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